The interview with hyip investor Dmytry Hatov (Xatik)

Wandering from the tradition of posting dialogues with direction of the most interesting hyip projects, we will devote today’s release to the same exciting story of one (once novice and now undoubtedly successful and fulfilled) investor, colleague and comrade Dmytry Hatov.

Today’s discussion will be concerned with his personal route ‘ad astra per aspera’…

1. Welcome on GIO space!) First of all, introduce yourself to our guests and share in brief with your current state of affairs in HYIP industry.

Big and ardent greetings to the whole industry! My name is Dmytry Hatov, known online as Xatik. In HYIPs I always have a good time. 1 day here is equal to 1 year in real life. Everything ends very fast and one needs to keep up with trend all the time. With LR closure the behavior of administrators and investors has become more nervous. Considering the fact that spring is conventially reach in scams, I can recall something of the kind only in spring 2010. Many users are on crossroads – whether to give up the industry and start working as a subordinate or to find some solution to this complicated situation. I belong to the second type, that’s why I try to use diversification both in projects and payment systems. In addition to PerfectMoney with its updated rules, OKPAY starts to be applied in hyips. The launch of few payments processors is planned for this year. On the whole, the situation may be characterized as follows: life has become more cheerful. Now it brings more adrenaline and is more difficult as it is not an easy task to find few good projects in the pile of ‘slag’. And all this fuss around EPS keeps us alert and in high spirits)).

2. Tell us when and how you started the path. Was it difficult for you to build the carrier of investor?

Perhaps, no wonder that a crazy thought about permanent passive income when I did not have to be a subordinate, when I could supply myself with necessities and sometimes live in style!) crossed my mind as it usually happens to many people. When I was 24 y. o. in 2004, I also wondered if I would be working from morning to night and everything would be turned by the vicious circle: work-home, kids, dream… I started to look for the way outs from these ‘rate races’ – I was a rep of MLM Amway (by the way, I am still satisfied and still use their products) and even a trade rep who had to make people buy some trash at an extremely high price (I gave it up after 2 days) or even once started IE (individual enterprise) to print digital photos (I gave it up after 2 days and had to quit because of oppression with taxes). But I still was not able to catch the luck and my way…

The Internet started to develop at top speed. I was constantly searching the web for the information about earnings and in August 2009 I occasionally came across the project with a simple title ‘Dividend-center’. It described the way a simple housewife mastered Forex and gained much profit attracting investors. There were even some videos with her interview, checkup on lie detector and so on. I would read theme forums and came across one forum (it belonged to the same project, MMGP was a little later) on which excited users were posting reports about multiple earnings from this hyip. I was captured with that idea – it looked like a bonanza, a Klondike of the dream. I swiftly took a 30 000 cash in the bank, registered WebMoney account and invested the whole strategic amount of family savings. I was endlessly happy to get my first $30 (hyip paid 3% a day). It would last for 10 days and colleagues shared with their excitement and hallooing on the forum. And then hyip scammed and stopped paying! Offence, bitterness of disappointment and sincere shock would overwhelm my naive and inexperienced mind and heart for few more months. I sincerely believed that the housewife was involved into Forex trade and shared profit with us. She appeared to be getting money from affiliates and closed the account after it was over.

However, I did not give in. I found some interesting forums on investments, got acquainted with investors, started to chat with them in skype, ICQ. And invested in other HYIPs. Autumn of the year 2009 could be called a golden mountain – many hyips-monsters which had been operating for years. I gained losses and was getting enough at that time (200-300 bucks per month). Thinking that I knew the industry well enough, in spring 2010 I took a bank loan at the sum of 180 000 rubles, thus breaking one of golden rules – never use credit or loan funds. I put it into 12 large projects and rubbing my hands, I was gathering profit. But one more destiny’s kick in the stomach was around the corner – all of 12 hyips scammed within 2 months! Trash… As usual, no money left but debt remained.

I was not quite active in hyips over 2010-2011. Mainly, I was covering debts in real life)) But since autumn 2011 I started to thoroughly monitor hyip industry with due attention to detailed and profound examination of all nuances. Sticking to the rules, I realized that I could and had to gain profit in most of skillfully selected projects.

3. Which mistakes have you made and what would you changed now if you were in the past?

I have made many mistakes. I had to correct them while they were coming up. I experienced everything: from weak passwords and phishing links to frauds of ‘old good acquaintances’. I would not probably change anything but I would have been glad to learn about hyips before the year 2009).

4. When did profit started to exceed losses? How did you achieve it? Disclose a couple of professional secrets.

As far as I gain experience and new ties, the number of mistakes has been decreasing and my profits have been growing correspondingly. By the summer 2012 my income on the Internet investments has already exceeded my real monthly salary as a subordinate (35 000 rubles). In the end of November I took a final decision to be a free investor and quit my job.

I have one omen that works in 99% cases: gain 20% profit from deposit and and leave the project (with deposit+interest) or let interest or its part turn over further.

5. Can you say that you are a completely fulfilled and independent investor? What has changed in your life since your departure in ‘freelance’ life?

Indeed, today my earnings are contributed from investments, that’s why I am a freelance investor. I have a lot of spare time that I now use the way I have always dreamed: I devote more attention and communicate with relatives, I do sports, I am involved into self-education and doing house stuff and, of course, deal with travelling and tourism! No alarm-clocks, no supervisors – life is bliss. Still, I devote a lot of time to monitoring investments and communication with partners and colleagues.

6. What do you have in your investment portfolio now and what sums do you invest in the projects?

The updated list of projects in my portfolio is always displayed here: http://xatik. ucoz. ru/index/hyip/0-4. I invest different amounts depending on my trust level to it: from $100 to $10000.

7. If it’s not too hard for you, share with us some ‘math’: the proportion between income and losses and your average monthly earnings on hyips?

I think that if you get more than 10% profit from all available investments, it’s a good result with an allowance for scam and other unexpected issues. Surely, very ‘rich’ months happen when this percentage exceeds by 2-3 times, but sometimes some months (as it has happened this spring) take away a great part of total budget. Failed months make me suffer losses, but I have been escaping them for over one year.

8. What fresh projects may be fresh candidates for your budget to some extent? What hyips do you still consider for investments and regard promising enough for future investments?

Such projects appeal to me: unionpaymentservices. com, moneymustwork. com and empfinance. com. I plan to strengthen my position in Gamma. I will also monitor the operation in Stability and VladimirFx after LibertyReserve shutdown.

9. Do you plan to extend your portfolio by means of other alternative earning tools besides HYIP?

Surely! I am thinking about my own business and my partners offer interesting options at times.

10. With a glance to your experience, what main rules should a beginning (and all other) investor stick to in order to achieve success in this field? Deliver your wishes and farewell speech to all online readers!

There are too many of them. I will mark only the most important ones:

– apply a thorough and careful analysis to the material part of hyip industry elements: forums, blogs, hyips, echange services, EPS, etc.

– use loan funds very carefully

– do not ‘be fond of’ a single project (hyip)

– advance and improve yourself all the time

Remember, everything is possible and if you have put the aim, aspire to reach it with all your sinews and apply maximum efforts. And in the end of the Road you will surely see a pleasant and deserved surprise waiting for you!

Many thanks to the resource http://good-investors-online. com/ and to Alex Sagalov personally for the interview. I had a very pleasant time here! I wish Good Luck, Profit and positive mood through life to readers!

Regards, Dmytry Hatov (Xatik)

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