The interview with INWIQU administrator

1. Welcome to our investment platform! Where did you get the idea of creating such large-scale project as INWIQU?

Hello. The answer to the first question will be bulky. My liking for high-yield programs was born about 3 years ago – at that very time I started to read a lot about this industry and make my first steps. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed, but I saw the result at that moment…

As first investments very not big (it is better to call them ‘stakes’ since my activity looked like casino gambling), the profitability of these operations (especially considering periodical scam of fast projects) was corresponding. On the whole, I got tired of this activity and I escaped high-yield investment field with some losses and definite experience.

In March 2011 I paid attention to the project of not unknown Sergey Mavrodi – MMM-2011. The thing is that I remember the events of 1994 pretty well (MMM), but given my young age (I was 13) I did not have the opportunity to participate in it and felt sorry about it for years. And now the fate seemed to be giving me another chance.

In fact, I did not consider it ‘another chance’ – the first investments into MMM-2011 constituted just 20 dollars and were made through WebMoney to the account of the ganger. It was done after 3 months from my registration, in June 2011. Then I added 20 dollars more, 300 dollars more, borrowed some money and invested 1 000 dollars more. My net investments into MMM ended on that. I got my first income in September 2011. The sum contained six zeros (well, profit was in rubles, but it exceeded the invested amount by many times). At that time I realized that I would be able to earn good money on high-yield programs.

I hope that I don’t burden you with preface too much, though it will be difficult to understand how I’ve come up with the idea of the INWIQU community (together with people who joined me);)

So, from September 2011 to May 2012 I used to actively participate in MMM. At that period I covered 4 out of 5 bank loans which I had taken during the crisis of the years 2008-2009. It allowed me breathing out freely and starting to look into future with confidence. However, the good could not last forever;)

In April-May 2012 MMM was captured with fever (yes, it would happen earlier – MMM11 had been existing in the condition of permanent pressing and confrontation but had been able to escape all scrapes in a magical way). The agony would last for one and a half months and finally led to MMM11 closure. The continuation was unexpected, MMM12 was launched.

In June, after collapse of my hopes related to MMM11 I realized for the first time that I had done wrong by concentrating on a single project. Despite the fact that all my earnings for almost 9 months of active work with MMM11 had exceeded everything I ever earned in my life, June was hard for me and I had to wait for 2.5-3 months before my profits in MMM12 approached the level of MMM11 (dropping a brick twice may be quite profitable;)).

By the end of 2012 MMM12 had strengthened its position and happiness seemed to be at hand or maybe the third chance? However, later familiar footdragging with bonuses and new one with withdrawal limits started to occur. The outcome is publicly known.

When large-scale issues with MMM12 started, I had already learned the lesson from my mistakes and diversified my portfolio among ASFN and some other projects. It helped me stay afloat at the beginning of 2013 while MMM 2012 had not been paying for 2 months, giving restructuring as an excuse.

As far as in 2012 when the first signs of coming MMM12 problems appeared, I recalled about my thoughts and project ideas, which would help such market participants like me reduce risks and get predicted income without regard of difficulties in one project and constant monitoring of the situation on high-yield investment market. At that time the financial community INWIQU attained precise features and started to be fulfilled. In mid-November 2012 the programmer familiar to my due to SEO projects and I started to develop future CMS of our site. It was launched online in alpha-testing mode on November 27.

2. What investor’s needs is the project intended for? Which direction in investment activity is the predominant one for you?

Our program is intended for both novices and experienced investors: novices will have a chance to test at once several projects with one investment (many depositors consider programs from our investment portfolio after they make investments into INWIQU; moreover, we offer a catching insurance for many of them), understand how HYIP industry works, try investments with acceptable level of risks. As for experienced investors, they will find an interesting rate and personal profit in the INWIQU society.

The predominant direction in our activity is unassisted investments (of both investors’ funds and our own savings – our own money were the financial background of the INWIQU investment portfolio). We also offer partial insurance services (it’s the analogue of the real-life franchising insurance) for hyips from our portfolio and other projects. One more important direction in our activity is a joint participation in matrix projects, which allows them (and in the end, us) getting additional interesting income.

3. For who is the participation in INWIQU society the most promising and useful? To which moments should a potential client pay attention first of all? Share your opinion.

Whatever strange it may sound, the participation in the INWIQU society is beneficial, first of all, for a lazy investor:) or a novice, i. e. the one who is not able to constantly monitor HYIP market due to some reason, making corrections into one’s investment strategy but has a wish and an opportunity to invest and make profit.

At first in case of our investment program an investor should pay attention to low level of risks: we invest money into projects which work and bring income; our portfolio contains both conservative (Gamma, VladimirFX, StabilityFX) and aggressive (UnityForce, matrices) instruments. On the whole, we are able to gain relevant profit in spite of hypothetical difficulties in one or several projects.

I’d like to add some more pieces of information about risk levels. As we keep most funds in projects, mass scam may affect us badly, but as you see, the portfolio is formed carefully and in measured way in order to avoid risk level increase. We remember the time when 2 projects from our portfolio would scam during one week (then the number of projects closely approached to 20). However, all influence on INWIQU came to insufficient UIN profitability decrease (it remained positive, though). We overstepped it and went on.

4. What are general conditions for participation in the program? What investment interest rate do you offer and what fees do you impose on investors?

The investment horizon with which you can enter the INWIQU community is at least 2 months. It’s because we charge 7.77% fee from deposit for administration and apply 15-day deposit freezing (this fee is gained during freezing, plus you get some income). The participant of the Community should remember that minimum withdrawal is 300 rubles (1000 rubles for banks), the input takes 60 000 rubles per one transaction. Maximum withdrawn sum for 30 days is 30 000 rubles from profit (including principal) and maximum withdrawal limit for referral commissions is up to 30 000 rubles. There is no fixed profitability rate. It is floating depending on how successful the operations have been completed (an average monthly profitability in the chronology of half a year is 20%).

5. How do you define project profitability? Name minimum/maximum profitability indicators for the whole period of INWIQU existence?

As I’ve told earlier, we have a floating profitability rate. It’s 20% a month per average (depending on how much successful the transactions have been completed in the projects over the reported period), a historical maximum is 80% per month, a minimum is about 15% (see more details in charts since December 2, 2012).

6. Is the option of deposit insurance with all its variations in demand? How many users have already managed to transfer some part of their investments for your management?

Insurance is not a priority direction (it’s an additional service for our participants), but we perform our duties without faults – over 30 people have already used our insurance offer. Some of them have got compensations on scammed projects (such as Bestforinvest, Landora Investing, VIVAER, Semmya, ASFN), some of them have an active insurance on such projects as SZFO, CloudMoney and others.

At present day there are 698 participants in the INQIWU community.

7. What plans are you going to fulfill in the near future? When will we be able to observe additions?

We have lots of plans. You can see their fulfillment in real time;) In the near future some important introductions will be a full-fledged exchange and a couple of financial games of a new level, available for our participants.

8. Are you satisfied with current program position in the high yield medium? How are you going to support the acquired level?

They, we are. We are completely satisfied with the position, which we have taken over half a year in hyip industry. We have been able to attract many new participants (during the first months the INWIQU community has worked as an investment club for the acquaintances from MMM11), who have imbued with spirit of the Community and are satisfied with successful experience of cooperation with us. They tell many new participants about it. We will keep working in the same mode, supporting a high communication level with our investors and providing essential profitability from their investments.

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