The interview with Money-Box. net administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hi, Sir! Please, introduce yourself and tell us about your roles in project development?

Hello. My name is Edward Gultsev. I am a supervisor of Universal Money-Box project…

2. Provide more details on the program: how long has it been prepared? Who participants in its support?

The program has been prepared for 5 months. Works on design and script took about 1 month. One more month was spent on corrections and testing. The remaining time was used for making agreements with brokers of world stock exchanges.

3. Are there any similar projects in HYIP-industry that suit Money-Box level? If there are any, did you borrow some general features from them?

I know for sure that there are some. We made market analysis before project launch online. We wanted nothing, copied or borrowed nothing from other programs. We have many specialists who have created a good project, thought-out to details, with excellent development program.

4. Name 5 distinctive features of the program. What makes it be recognizable in online-space?

We have almost no risks. We tried to minimize them as much as possible for investors and to make an instrument with the help of which client can user money-box as he/she wants. We imply no terms, limits, obligations, duties. There are no interest rates, no piles of plans after which I’d like to invest anymore. We suggest transparent policy, well-protected resource, a lot of EPS elements. Each achievement for us is some advantage for a project.

5. What essential problems have you personally and support service been dealing with so far? Perhaps, you’d like to give some answers to common questions (absent in FAQ) so that they don’t ask the same questions.

There are no problems as such, its all working process. I have nothing special to mark, maybe online planned changes. We are now working at English website version. In early March it will be publicly accessible. We also solve the question on deposits insurance. We hope to sign this agreement in early March as well.

6. How fast is promotional campaign being developed? What has been done for popularizing Money-Box in the industry?

We’ve spent much time on promo-campaign. I personally pay special attention to it. Now many serious people from Russian medium have been attracted. The project is obviously being actively developed in blogs, on forums.

Large-scale SEO-promotion has been bought as well as theme-links of different kinds, except SPAM. Ad-campaign on European and World markets has been prepared.

7. Describe the set of available contact means. Do you plan to apply additional protection means to website?

First of all, it is high-quality script (H-Scripts).

The second thing is protected hosting with qualified support and instant troubleshooting which shouldn’t happen as THEY promise.


Additional protection means – maybe till summer SMS-service will be connected.

Additional server for force majeure situations is ready.

8. I suppose, there are should be some wishes/suggestions to investors. You have an opportunity to share your thoughts right now.

The only one wish for you is work and earn money with us. We’ve come to this market for long. Your and our own future depends on the level of your trust to us.

All the best and huge profit to you.

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