The interview with MuseSolutionGroup administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hi. Please, introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about MuseSolutionGroup at present moment.

Hi GIO admin and GIO readers. I’m Tom and starting from 19th of May my team offers you investment program Muse Solution Group. Our key to success is specific Forex strategy, and you can check it out in our About us section. Every day we receive many positive references and investments. Program works both financially and technically well…

2. How easy was it for the project to cope with the start? What changes and with what frequency have been added to the program?

With MSG we cope really successfully starting from first day online. It was difficult for technical side what we made in starting of project to offer maximal security level. MSG is unique script what is made by support of professional web developers and best designers. We will remove Liberty Reserve what after that will be replaced with HD-Money. Other big changes we do not plan to implicate. We will only change small changes for comfort of investors.

3. Tell our investors about your ‘tariffs’. How competitive are your rates among similar hyips (in your opinion)?

Our investment plans are especially made for program to be long performer and good for investors. In both investment plans we pay back principle in four equal parts, each one after 25 days. Period fro both plans is 100 calendar days, but investor is in really good profit after 50 days. Daily interest rate reduces after each 25 days when is ¼ of principle part paid back and that why it do not make risky situations for program in case if there would be need to pay principle back 100% of amount.

4. Nowadays your site is available only in English. Do you plan to expand the list of language versions?

Yes, for now MSG is available only in English, but we plan to add some most used languages in near future. But support will be available only in English even after that.

5. How wide is the range of e-currencies in the project? Are you ready to compromise with investors on the question of the depreciated currency?

For now we offer Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay and we plan to add HD-Money in following days. Investors who made investments with Liberty Reserve we do not any compromises, because also we lost capital in case of Liberty Reserve closure. We do not offers any discounts to people who previously deposited in Liberty Reserve like many programs do now, but it will affect other investors who deposited with other e-wallets.

6. What set of advantages is already available in the project arsenal? On what aspects within the improvement campaign are you going to work in the future?

In arsenal of MSG biggest advantage is like I said before that investor receives his invested capital back even before end of the term and every next days is in profit. Trump of MSG is safe and unique investment plans. We in following days will add new languages and will add calculator, then anyone will easy calculate his earnings. We are really happy about MSG and it is really good even from first day online.

7. What things have already been done to win support of hyip users? On what outside sources can we see project pages?

For now we have bought only few of best monitors. In following days we plan to start work with bloggers, so they will say in blogs what they think about us with reviews and we plan to add some new monitors. Monitors and reviews will be publicized in section our company.

8. Disclose your plans for the near future and share your strategy of further development if it’s not too difficult for you. Thanks.

In future we plan to work same as before, because of start of program it is not healthy to add many monitors. We attack investors gradually, it is best way to understand what they need and to make improvements in webpage to make MSG interesting for anyone. I was really happy to answer your questions and wish you success.

Muse Solution Group

Admin Tom

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