The interview with Nano-Shares. com admin

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, Admin! Share the history of Nano-Shares creation with our readers. What is project team involved into?

Hello Dear Alex and GIO readers. First of all I would like to present themselves. My name is Jeffrey McCarrell, I am founder and main administrator of Nano Shares. Because one person could not cover all the charm of high-yield investment fund management so we have a great team for management. We have extensive experience in the market of high yield investing and I can safely say that our team is really proven to coherence and productive working…

2. How did hyip-industry meet your onset and development?

This is a very good question. HYIP industry is constantly changing and development strategy must also constantly changing as we strive to build not just a good program in the short term, we want to give good chance to make money online for investors.

3. Which features allow speaking about Nano-Shares in terms of professionalism?

If we talk about the design of our project I would like to point warm colors for easier positioning of all elements. We always try to make user friendly interface and give maximum information for our investors.

4. Give us general statistics on the project at present moment? Do you think it is a good result after 6 days online?

That it is too early to say because the project only began its journey in the world of online investments. As you can see the smooth development of the project is a top priority for us. In this case we are chosen a balanced and thoughtful tactics of development. So this is just the beginning…

5. Tell us about terms of participation in the project. Which minimum deposit is needed for becoming an active member? Did you set maximum deposit limit?

The minimum amount for investing is only $10, the maximum is 50000. Also the percentage of profit is a depending from an amount of deposit, so if you want to invest more you can get more profit. Most investors choose the first investment plan “After 1 day”, but i want to notice that plans “After 5 days” and “After 10 days” is really more interesting and really safety.

6. When talking about personal experience, does it make sense promoting hyip in social networks?

Of course, it can be some beneficial. Your project will be constantly visible for many of your subscribers. But you must do not forget to support the project on social networks to communicate with the fans.

7. What is special about Nano-Shares and what remains to be done?

Perhaps the main feature of our program it’s our management team. We’re going to make great efforts that the time limit of this project is not calculated in weeks, and will be calculated on a months. Within a few weeks we want to start powerful advertising campaign.

8. We’d like to hear a couple of words on your plans in respect of current program. How much longer are you going to work online?

As I said we want to work for a really long time. That’s why we don’t start more advertising on a start. For my experience it better way to build good and powerful program is a smooth developing strategy.

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