The interview with NightMoneyClub administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, Sir! How long ago did NightMoneyClub project start? Which milestones in its development can you single out?

Hi. Our project started on April 30. The following moments have been marked in the frames of its development: increase of online operation term, transformation after 1.5 months online and further smooth operation without sharp jumps. It’s summer now and no aggressive promotion makes sense as it will not be compensated. On the whole, everything is progressing the way we’ve planned…

2. How have the stats of program’s popularity changed after the full refreshment? What helps your creation “catch” an investor in a new variant? State your opinion.

They have changed greatly. Now the project is taking leading positions in the niche of high-yield projects. After LibertyReserve scam – that did not affect project operation – we decided to add SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. It provided a positive impact on future development. At present moment investors have not that many fast projects to choose from, that’s why our updated project attracts depositors both with design and moderate interest rates.

3. Describe basic moments that make NightMoneyClub a unique product in the investment field (design, direction of activity, financial outlooks)?

Oh well, I will not be cunning. Our project is not a unique product. An attractive design, an original legend, stable payments and a smooth development are our advantages. Yet our distinctive feature is the legend that no project has had before.

4. What investment opportunities are waiting for the investor who is ready to cooperate with the project on the short-term basis (up to one week)? What does an upline get as a reward for referring new clients to the program?

On the whole, we offer moderate rates. For instance, by plan 1 an investor gets 4% net profit with up to $500 deposit inclusive. Surely, if deposit grows, interest rate grows too. Investors can learn such plans by signing up and visiting their account. If somebody does not want to sign up, he/she can use profit calculator to the right from the main column. As for the referral reward, it is fixed for all members and makes up 3% from a deposit of the referred participant.

5. With which technical base is the program provided? Have you happened to face any technical issues during online operation?

It’s a quite standard technical base for high-quality products, i. e. a dedicated server with Ddos-protection, SSL-encryption, a popular licensed script and an attractive design. All in all, everything is working stably, except small issues with Perfect Money because of its rare short-time inaccessibility. Investors should not pay attention to it as payments are processed manually and there should be no problems.

6. Do investors often contact customer support service? What kind of questions are specialists likely to deal with?

Users are often interested in outlooks of our program and possible addition of new monitors. An essential number of questions deals with mistakes when accepting deposits and charging interest. Also, we receive thank you messages from our investors and of course, a lot of ad offers, including many spam items.

7. What marketing policy do you practice when promoting NightMoneyClub? On which strategically significant resources can we learn more about the program?

We opt for a very smooth and not aggressive promotion, fulfilled in lots of advertising. On the whole, there is not much information about our program in the Internet. It is mostly placed in private blogs, monitors, topics on numerous investment forums. Maybe we will create a Facebook group.

8. How much longer are you going to stay online? If it’s not a secret, what is your end goal with regards to NightMoneyClub?

We’d like to continue working at least till the end of the summer. The main project’s goal is to offer investors an opportunity of getting high passive earnings in our program.

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