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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, admin! Do you succeed following your own line in the project?

Hi. My main aim is smooth project promotion and it goes well for now. Of course, we didn’t manage to work in “partizan” mode to the full. We wanted to carry out underground activity for 1 month and then come up online. But I decided not to delay things and slowly show up, which was done on Monday.

2. What can you tell about Partizan Project creation history? Are there any prototypes in the industry which you used in developing current program?

Project history started in August of current year. At that time I got an idea of creating my own HYIP. The thing is that I don’t have experience in this aspect and not everything happens the way I want it. Still, I have a great desire to work because I am interested not in money but in managing such project. I’e long dreamed about commercial project and now my dream is coming true. In September I launched dimple hyip which finished working on 1,5 months term. After all, the project ended in failure due to many trifles and caused me experience losses. Within 2 weeks I took a decision to start another program. This time I considered all previous mistakes, thought out plans, schedule, technical part and other details. On November 5 I launched project in “partizan” mode and at present moment almost everything goes the way I wanted. As for prototypes, I come up with idea to follow “partizan” tactics on the example of DiamondFund that has worked on decent rates and “fat referral commission”.

3. How do you personally evaluate project success in regard of profitability/security? Do you know investors’ opinion on this matter?

It is too early to speak about success because it has been active for 2 days only. It makes no sense concluding something so far. Meanwhile, investors actively critisize project title and lack of cool design. On the whole, I agree to critisizm, my pilot project is not model, instead, I do not place bright falsehood about trade on Forex, exchanges, poker, stakes, oil, gold and othe nonsense which confuse novices in the industry. My HYIP is “the way it is” and that’s all.

4. Which affordable by average person rates are offered by your program? What nominal deposit is admittance to Partizan Project?

Well, rates are slobby: 103% after 1 day, 110% after 3 days and 125% after 7 days. It’s for minimal deposits. For investments over $301 rates are higher. That is done for stable and long-term project activity. Minimum deposit is $5. It is recommended to invest $50-$200 during the first week, over $200 during the second week and so on. If you wish to invest over $300 during the first 10 days, it is advisable to divide this amount into 3 portions. In future you will be able to invest the whole sum at once. It is needed for no big slumps in the system and smooth growth. That’s why you need to make small deposits and not bomb the project with big amounts to destroy hyip.

5. Which informative boards allocate actual information on project events? What is your promotion policy aimed at?

Project news are sent to investors’ e-mail address and posted on Twitter: https://twitter. com/partizanproject

As for promotion, if I understood your question correctly, the aim of project development is constant increase of deposits and investors. It’s a background of stable system work for as long as several months.

6. What referral commission rate is offered project member according to renewed version? Why did you decide to increase its amount?

It is 3% reward for any deposited sum. Increase in referral amount is provoked with low investor’s interest in poor refback and average investment rates.

7. Which aspects will be changed/improved in near future? Do you plan introduction of new plans/bonuses/special offers?

Honestly, any changes are perceived by investors hostilely and cause panic that’s why there will be hardly any changes except for increasing ad budget and constant attracting new investors. As for additional plans, they are also not planned because it may again raise panic. Perhaps, I will increase referral rate a little bit and create some bonus action. Though, first of all, it is not planned for near future and, secondly, it will be mild. No inadequate 200% per day and 100% bonus for first deposit! Do not even hope!

8. What minimum/maximum term online is set for you with current project?

Perhaps, it’s the most difficult question for me, because I can’t answer it even approximately. I have the aim – to drag my project into 2013 as hard as I can at any cost!

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