The interview with Payeer representative

1. Good day! We are glad to welcome you in online space. First of all, we’d like to know a couple of words about your person. Are you a sole inspirer and leader of the payment platform Payeer. com?

Hello! My name is Jacob Ladonsky. I am a PR representative of the Payeer. com payment system and a customer support manager. I am in charge of the personnel and can answer the up-to-date questions about our system on the whole…

2. Have you had previous managerial experience that helps you rule such a powerful and large-scale unit? Do you have any sample to follow during the working process?

Yes, we have. Our company used to develop payment gates for other companies and commercial banks. In 2009 we started to develop our own payment system. We have been still involved into it by choosing the best features of payment systems and banks; improving, simplifying or uniting them with other methods.

3. On what user category was the Payeer. com system focused initially? What measures do you take in order to broaden language borders for international clients?

Payeer was planned as an international payment system. Language versions will be added gradually. At the same time, we will be entering markets of other countries with our advertising.

4. Do you consider Payeer. com a unique payment product? If so, prove your words with real facts.

The uniqueness of our system is that it allows gathering all payment methods in one place and tying them up into one convenient service. Users from various countries do not need to open accounts in banks and different payment systems. They have to open one multi-payment wallet in order to manage all systems in one place, getting additional earnings on new tools.

There are a lot of unique features in our system. I think it’s better to conduct a separate interview on this topic. But I am sure that almost everyone will find something for oneself.

5. Imagine that a user enters the site of your payment system for the first time. To which moments should he/she pay attention first of all? What does he need for getting registered?

The registration in Payeer takes 2 clicks. The first one is on website’s top ‘Sign up’ and the second one is sign-up confirmation by the provided e-mail or phone number. There are no certificates, verification or registration issues in the system.

6. Describe mayor advantages of the system. What additional opportunities for investors and participants of referral program do you offer at this point? How actively do net users sign up to Payeer. com and take use of your service?

– We do not block accounts for no apparent reason, as most other payment systems do.
– Our system does not impose transaction limits.
– At the moment we do not ask for additional documents and agreements.
As for the functional:
– Payeer transfer can be made to anyone in the world (in fact, everyone is already registered in the system). The system does not need a large customer base in order for everyone to use it to the full.
– It offers a unique API to run your own e-currency exchange service. Everyone can start their online exchanger within 5 minutes. It’s just enough to download and upload one file to hosting.

The system offers a good interest for partners that promote the system: Payeer users can instantly withdraw up to 25% of the profits from the system to Webmoney, Yandex, Qiwi, paypal, perfect money, liqpay, Visa/MasterCard cards, etc. We are ready to offer up to 40% of the transactions to large partners.

We have a number of partners who receive $3 000-$5 000 per month by the affiliate link they have published on their Internet resources. And this number is constantly growing, because users remain in the system and continue bringing profit to them.

7. What is your attitude to HYIP sphere? Do you give a green light for hooking your payment system to the list of accepted EPS without problems?

HYIPs are not forbidden by the law of the country, in which our organization is registered. That’s why we do not create additional problems for this industry. But it happens as long as hyip is performing its duties. As soon as it stops doing it, we switch such sites off upon the first complaint.

Some systems in merchant are not available for HYIPs to pay directly (due to industry’s peculiarities), but they are available via charging Payeer wallet and paying in merchant with its help.

8. What outlooks are waiting for Payeer. com in the near future? Now we can sometimes see negative feedback on the side of clients with regards of delays in processing requests. How much time do you need to normalize the working process?

The outlooks are enormous. The work on the system is carried out every day. Even now 500-1000 new Payeer accounts are opened on a daily basis. We plan to reach 2000-3000 new sign-ups by the end of 2013 and 10,000 daily sign-ups by the end of 2014.

As for delays, I can explain the following thing. Some problematic transactions to third-party systems are processed manually (within 1 scheduled day) and are set to the queue. It is not necessary to raise a panic ahead of time.

It should be noted that delays in processing requests are related not to Payeer, since the system is stable, but to the fact that external gateways such as Sberbank-online, Perfect Money, Webmoney and many other systems with which we cooperate may be periodically not available, updated and so on. At that time our system cannot complete the transaction through the system data and is set to pending until everything gets back to normal. In that way, while servers are not available for hours (or even days), we cannot complete the transaction (and nobody else can). Such situations are most likely to cause delays you are talking about. On the whole, there are no factual delays. Delays of this kind are not a problem. It’s a working routine.

Thanks for attention,

Jacob Ladonsky.

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