The interview with Pure-Finance administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello. I will be glad to talk to you according to the topic of the current project – Pure-Finance. If you wish, tell us about your previous HYIP experience? What are your duties in the program?

Hello. Greetings to all GIO readers and participants of the high-risk market of hyip investments. My name is Piter Brode; I am a chief Pure-Finance administrator. I have enough experience in various fields of this industry, and it allows me launching successfully quite different projects. At the moment the hyip industry is undergoing some processes of reformations and updates. Every day we open new and progressive technologies of how to run business in this sphere. All that makes us think about a constant development…

My task in this project is to organize, manage and provide 24/7 project availability. An experienced team of specialists constantly checks the project operation and provides a quick reaction to any changes in order to raise the quality of customer service.

2. What is the main aim of the Pure-Finance project? Which of initially set plans have been implemented in respect of the project?

The main task of any high-quality high-yield project is to ensure a maximum efficiency and provide a bigger number of investors with an opportunity to get profit from investment money.

All primary plans have been fulfilled during the first week after the project launch. I see a quite positive reaction of experienced hyip participants, favorable reviews and a high activity in the project. The whole mechanism of interaction among investors and Pure-Finance has been adjusted.

3. What range of advantages do you offer your clients? Try to ensure potential clients that cooperation with you will be beneficial for them.

Probably, it’s difficult to objectively estimate the results of our activity; it is better to ask our clients about it. And we don’t need to ensure anyone. Everyone who is able to estimate and analyse activity of different projects can come to one’s own conclusions. I know one thing: if a person decides to invest in our project, he/she gets a high-quality service, a quick solution of all questions, an individual approach and a guaranteed result in the form of daily or hourly profits.

4. Let’s move on to figures. What amount of profits is guaranteed for an investor with average financial opportunities? Can you promise that an investor will not be bored with your project?

For those investors who don’t want to be bored and like active investments we’ve developed the VIP plan with hourly charges that are available for withdrawal at any time. Minimum plans bring from 5% profits a day per average; an hourly plan provides from 5.3% for 13 hours. It’s not bad, is it?

5. Have you happened to cope with some issues during the first week online? Is there some decrease in investors’ activity figure concerning increased tariffs in the PerfectMoney system?

Unfortunately, it is so. During the first days dishonest competitors and hackers have taken attempts to try project capacities. Due to DDOS attacks, we have been forced to switched off the site for a while in order to solve the security issue. As you see, they’ve failed to change our plans in the project. All pieces of data are reliably protected.

To be honest, these DDOS attacks would never happen but for some of our partners – I mean GC representatives – who revealed their weakness and lack of professionalism by having provided culprits with confidential information about a real location of our server. With data about a real IP address, hackers easily attacked our servers, including mail ones, escaping the most powerful protection.

Due to this incident, we sufficiently extended the DC channel and strengthened safety measures provision to 700 gb per second. At the moment it’s one of the strongest protections for ensuring safe website operation. And whatever some “wise” guys say, this protection is not offered for free in the market and requires serious expenses, including financial ones.

The increase in tariffs for transactions in one of leading payment systems was quite expected. It was just a matter of time after LR closure. Within one day we made a quite decision to raise the interest rate by 1% by all working plans to compensate an excessive financial load to everyone whose account was not verified.

It is worth noting that we gradually increase % of referral reward for our partners too. To minimize transaction expenses, many investors withdraw only profits and invest further using their balance. Depending on the project development, we will gradually reach a 3% rate, and it will let many users get additional earnings from our cooperation.

6. What is your attitude to the technical part of HYIP? What technical parameters are available in Pure-Finance?

The technical part of our project is at a high level despite common stereotypes applied in the fast sector.

It includes:

– A powerful dedicated server ordered especially for our project.

– SSL certificate issued by GeoTrust Inc. for 2 years.

– A licensed GC script with slight modifications from our specialists.

– Anti-Ddos protection from our old partners Ddosov. net.

– A united team of high-quality specialists.

7. Some moments (in particular, a quite limited choice of EPS) make us expect further actions from you. Do you think about future project promotion? In which direction (progressive, conservative) will it be performed?

The project has been developing in a quite dynamic way. I am not really sure that we will develop the aspect of new payment systems additions. At the moment we’ve received no requests from investors in this respect (there are over 1000 of them now). My experience shows that no hooking of additional payment systems is necessary without wish and needs of the very project members. If someone reveals interest and wish, we will sure react on it and consider the opportunity of implementing additional payment means. PerfectMoney is a popular and affordable payment system.

Further project development is made according to the set plan. At this stage we keep popularizing the resource on theme resources. We are extending the banner and textual advertising market. We are cooperating with our partners in order to expend our client base and create individual terms of cooperation. We consider the possibility of the Russian website version addition.

8. On what basis did you count Pure-Finance deadlines (daily, weekly)? Can you share this information with us?

Let’s speak honestly! It’s a high-yield investment and high-risk project! As a rule, project deadlines are defined by the very participants in case they are well-managed. We can estimate available circumstances differently. For instance:

1. The correlation of invested money into the creation and the launch of the project by the administration and the current volume of investments, i. e. input/output. Many hyip users like to base their estimate in this way while passing real things for cheap stuff, bought somewhere from someone))

Surely, one can attempt to estimate risks and make operation forecasts for this or that project. But I think it’s an erroneous approach as only the creator (-s) can know for sure and understand amounts of expenses for the project launch. However, this theory has a right to exist, and many users apply it.

2. One can trace the operational dynamics of a hyip and follow investors’ activity on forums and blogs. One can try to figure out the information from persons who are “close to the emperor”. One can build one’s strategy of the game or try gaining some guarantees from partners. There is such an estimation on the market too. And it’s quite efficient in case project’s stats are open and transparent. In our case, we have this opportunity. All stats are open and real. Everything is shows as it is in reality. Also, there is another way to estimate project longevity. It involves intuition, luck, coincidence, search of necessary and reliable information, analysis, competition and everything that a modern hyip participant needs to achieve success.

On our part we can declare only one thing. We have enough experience and resources to create comfortable conditions in our project. If reserve funds and resources are needed, I will add them. We have the so called safety bag. At the moment all conditions for a further growth and a stable Pure-Finance functioning have been created.

Just participate, share your impressions, invite friends and get profits for as long as it is possible in the case of high-yield projects on the modern market.

We will do all possible so that Pure-Finance brings you a decent and stable income.

Regards, chief manager of the Pure-Finance project.

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