The interview with RoyalTradersCapital. com admin

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello Admin! Share your impressions after first 18 days online.

We are very happy with how things are going so far. We are very almost 3 weeks online and the recent growth has pushed us to consider listing on more monitors than we initially considered. Now if you check our monitor page we are listed on a large number of monitor sites all showing us as good performers.

2. Investors’ activity according to recent results in the project is the very thing you expected?

No not at all. We started slow for growth to occur later on but our growth has been very stable yet still more than we first predicted. On the bright side we have still managed to handle the funds appropriately and know exactly where we are headed for the future.

3. What do you plan to improve/introduce in the project in near future?

In terms of plans we believe we have a winning formula and will not vary from them. We are looking to add STP as a payment processor in the coming weeks as well as a live chat option so members can get instant and informed responses to their inquiries.

4. Tell us about the order of withdrawals’ processing in the program? What amount of profit can the investor get with minimum deposit?

We currently process withdrawals within 24 business hours (1 business day) and do them when we get to them. If an investor deposits the minimum $10 then they will receive $0.70 a day for 20 business days giving them a total of $14 by the end of their term. $4 being the profit.

5. Some investors note on forums that your project “doesn’t look expensive”. How can you comment the situation?

First of all our design is 100% custom made specifically for us and we have the designer on hand to help us with any modifications we may need in the future. We chose from the start not to spend a lot of money on the website but preferred to have a large reserve fund put aside for members so our money would go towards paying members and not big flashy websites. We are SSL secured and DDoS protected, and may I also add we have not experienced ANY downtime in the entire term of being online. We provide what we need to in order to grow.

6. What innovations can we see in RoyalTradesCapital within a week or two?

We are always full of ideas but we will have to let you see for yourself once we have released any and all of our new features to the public. Keeping these secrets we are sure will help us to really penetrate the market.

7. What would you like to wish project members and yourself?

We aim to continue making good trades and paying back members for many long months to come. The more deposits that come in the better returns we can make as the better yielding investments we can invest in so please do keep that in mind and as you can see we do offer greater returns for larger deposits for this reason alone.

8. We would like to hear your predictions on how long the project is going to last?

We said from the start that we were planning on lasting at least 3 full months on our current plans and then at that point will evaluate our situation and see if that needs a re-evaluation. At this point I will not guess how the next two months will look for us but if we continue to grow at the same rate we have been growing in the last few weeks I am sure we will be able to last even longer than the initial first thought of 3 months with our current plans.

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