The interview with SanderaGroup. com administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello. How long have you been running current project? What new things have you already fulfilled during online operation?

Hello. Our project became accessible on March 22, 2013. Before this date we had been working with offline corporate clients. Working online, we are broadening the geography of our business and allow clients earning with us. We have not fulfilled anything new for this short period, but we plan to hook additional EPS in the near future – STP and EgoPay.

2. To which moments in Sandera Group project do you recommend to pay attention of a potential investor? Are there any distinctions in the program?

First of all, we suggest you to pay attention to 4 website language versions, the presentation in Russian and English, in which video guide explains how to sign up, make deposit and withdraw money. Also besides the most widespread PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve payments systems, one can see OKPAY with a variety of depositing methods. As I’ve mentioned above, we will add STP and EgoPay for attracting foreign investors. Besides that, our interface is easy and comprehensible, we offer online chat, phone support in English, German, Italian and Russian. Surely, we call the attention of our investors to our company’s official incorporation. This is an important fact confirming the seriousness of our intentions. You can learn our documents in the About Us section.

3. What are your priorities in project development? How much important is the outward part (design, functionality, etc.) for increase of hyip’s rating?

Our priority is smooth project promotion for a stable and long-lasting online operation. An aggressive ad is not our way of doing things. As for design, it surely plays an important role, because ‘clothes make the man’. Design should be attractive, harmonious and not repulsive. Trust of a potential investor is the aim to be reached by design. I believe that our project copes with it. Website functional should be simple and clear. The answers to all arising questions are given in FAQ or by contacting support service.

4. How much time did you devote to project assembly? Describe the range of technical means and other advantages, which will ensure an uninterrupted program work.

Project creation is a rather uneasy stage. In summer 2012 we set the task to create the website for online operation. 8 months have passed since the day we set the task and before launched the website. We had been polishing our website for a long time before it was accessible for a world investors’ society.

SSL from Comodo and domain were purchased for 5 years. Unlike many other companies, we use a unique secured and custom script. We are hosted on a dedicated server with good antiddos protection.

5. Let’s touch the topic of financial perspectives. Which investment plans are available for investors? What are your requirements for a potential client?

Undoubtedly, each investor may choose any plan out of 4 depending on their financial opportunities. Minimum investment on the first plan is $10. Total income on this plan is 220%, from which 120% are net profit for 100 trading days. In my opinion, Silver and Gold plans are more attractive for investors. Deposits will be gained on days 67 and 59 accordingly. Net income after 100 trading days on these plans will be 150% and 170%. The partners will also be able to gain additional income by means of 3-level referral system. Referral reward is given in accordance with affiliate’s deposited amount and it is 5%-3%-2%.

6. How swiftly is your marketing promotion carried out? On what thematic sources can we find information about Sandera Group?

We have our own marketing plan of website promotion. We are just starting our ad campaign. As I’ve told earlier, smooth promotion on monitoring services and banner ad are our priorities. It will ensure our stable and long-lasting work. In the near time we plan to use Yandex Direct and Google Adwords context advertisement. The information about our project is placed on several known in the investment medium blogs and resources.

7. Why should investors pay attention to your project? Give 5 competing qualities that benefit hyip in a high-yield medium.

We single out such competing features:

– official company incorporation;

– a unique secured script;

– daily reports about Forex trade;

– a dedicated server and Ddos-protection;

– multilingual website and project video presentation.

8. How do you evaluate your perspectives in a long-term outlook? Will you be able to complete the first investment round in a perfectly safe condition?

At this point our project is only at a primary stage of promotion. A long-term cooperation with investors is the minimum to be performed by any normal medium-term project, but, unfortunately, far not all companies in this sphere operate for long and honestly, thus undermining and slandering all online investment industry. We want to win trust of investors by showing the seriousness of our intentions and our long-term and close cooperation in investments by passing not one, but two or three circles… Indeed, trust is the most important notion and we will do everything so that investors take a correct decision while thinking about making deposit in our project.

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