The interview with SetzLtd administrator

1. Hello, Sir! Please, introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your duties in SetzLtd. Describe a typical working day of the administrator of a fresh investment project.

Hi. My name is Alexander and I am the chief company manager in the matters of investment raising and processing. At the moment I act for the administrator. The administrator himself takes the most important decisions in the company and controls the work of employees…

2. First of all, we’d like to get some information about basic moments: how long has the program been operating? What is the initial aim of its creation? How many people work at its benefits?

Surely. The investment project of SetzLtd company started on 07/01/2013. The initial aim of investment raising is the increase of performance and sales.

The number of employees is up to 5-6 thousand people. As for management, we can say that the number of employees involved into it is 90-100 people worldwide.

3. What can you say about the structure and the profitability of plans? Why do you consider this set of investment offers an optimal one?

The plans have been primarily chosen for user convenience. But our capacities have been considered too.

4. What depositing methods are available in SetzLtd? Do you think about the implementation of additional options?

At the moment we provide various depositing options, such as Visa/Mastercard, bank wire and electronic payment systems QIWI and Perfect Money. All these methods are available through Payeer. com, except for Perfect Money and QIWI. Other payment systems may be added in the future, but now it’s too early to speak about it.

5. Tell us about precaution measures, aimed at protecting investors’ deposits? What technical means have been attracted for these purposes?

First of all, the biggest danger is Ddos, that’s why our site is located on the hosting with a high-quality Ddos-protection. 256-bit SSL-encryption is also there. The website script is provided by Gold Coders. It is unique and professionally made. Account crack is possible only because of user mistakes: viruses, inattention and in case user loses control of his/her e-mail. It is also possible because of weak passwords. But it’s user concern. We have done everything in our power in order to secure accounts and deposits of clients.

6. How can clients contact you? Which contacting option allows getting the answer to the question one is interested in maximally fast?

All contacts are on the site, but the most optimal option is e-mail as users do not always get necessary help by other contact means.

7. How can you feature the chosen working strategy? What can we expect from you in the near time?

When it comes to strategy, we have no special strategy. We don’t need any special strategies. We propose, investors choose. What can be easier?

8. Are there any words you would like to address to investors? How long do you plan to rejoice clients with stable payments?

I have not much to add. As for terms, maybe in 6-10 months we will start to practice self-financing and there will be no need in investments. We do help investors earn with us, but we can’t do it all the time at the cost of the company. That’s why we prefer moving to self-financing as soon as possible.

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