The interview with SkyCrown. com admin

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello admin! How are you getting on with work? Is everything going the way you planned?

Hello Alex. First of all, allow me to introduce myself and the SkyCrown operational team.

My name is Nicholas Seltzer and I am the Online Identity Manager for Skycrown Capital Management. I am in charge of everything pertaining to the company’s online reputation, image and official statements. The marketing agenda also falls under my jurisdiction. Withdrawal requests and indirect funding transactions are processed in two daily sessions by Laura, our senior account manager. Zachary ensures good customer interaction and feedback by managing the live-chat support. David is our technical officer, always ready to step in and assist with potential issues.

So far everything goes according to plan. Our popularity is steadily increasing, setting the grounds for a rock-solid future…

2. Tell us about origin of SkyCrown? If possible, introduce yourself.

As introductions were already made above, I’ll jump straight to a little bit of history. Looking at the whois information of our domain (a favorite of tech-savvy users), you can see skycrown. com was registered in late 2010.

The entire management team, me included, have been greatly impressed and influenced by the giant that was Genius Funds and by what it meant to so many people. After its downfall, motivated by the sheer awe Genius inspired and by its success, we decided to bring the same level of professionalism and commitment back to the industry and even exceed it some day.

That’s how Skycrown Capital Management came to be. As time passed and we advanced with our project slowly but surely, we noticed the online investment industry was going along at its own sinusoidal pace, as it usually does, but it was lacking the magic of those amazing times between 2008 and 2010.

The Skycrown project is about much more than just money. It’s about bringing the old magic and the excitement back. it’s about giving our full attention, dedication and creativity to a project that is our own. It’s about our members feeling our full involvement radiate through this otherwise impersonal technology and filling their hearts with hope and making good on our promises.

We are motivated enough to start a small revolution if we must. Our main drive is not money, but a need for the marketplace to validate our contribution.

While we all have always wanted wealth, we are driven more by our need to contribute and be acknowledged consistent with our own potential.

We really think Skycrown will make a difference!

3. The investors doubt the origin of program script (they say, it is not unique, but rather modified Probiz)? Could you clarify the situation?

I noticed from the very first day and also from your review that the Russian audience is very interested and very disappointed by our choice of

base website engine (script, as you call it). This I can understand. However, what I can’t make sense of is why nobody takes a minute to analyze and understand the concept of re-building on an existent framework.

I chose to be honest and open about this from the get-go, as I did not see any problem in this given the technical team i had the pleasure of working with.

The original probiz script was thoroughly assessed and fully rebuilt by real-world IT professionals, under contract and non-disclosure agreements, who also issued security guarantees and content protection guarantees when the project was concluded.

You can imagine that not everyone is aware of the online investment industry, especially a busy European web development company.

After trying to get the technical ideas that I wanted implemented across unsuccessfully, I presented the technical team with the Probiz script for them to get a clear picture of what I wanted done in the most efficient way possible.

I will not go into technical specifics and hot topics here, as it is not my intention to hurt or badmouth anyone’s product. The original script merely served as a foundation for what is now the SkyCrown website engine. Given the amount of money and time that were invested in this alone, it is rather unpleasant to see so much preconceived negativity, without even taking the time to ask what exactly was done to the original script.

The script was fully re-built by real professionals, not by hyip programming “experts” hired off the internet. I trust this explanation is thorough enough for you and for your audience to understand we are using a fully secure and bug-free custom built website engine once and for all.

4. Why did you discredit LibertyReserve? Despite recent issues with this EPS, it is still regarded as almost a canon in the industry?

I’ll be quicker on this point, as the answer to the same question was posted directly by me on our Frequent Questions page and fully reflects our point of view:

The safety of our members’ funds and stability of our operation are paramount to us as a company.

We decided to exclude the notorious Liberty Reserve from our accepted e-Currencies list due to their ongoing track record of security flaws, poor customer service, blatant abuse and even theft of user funds. Recent events have fueled this opinion we already had even more, making the risk of jeopardizing our entire activity by dealing with Liberty Reserve unacceptable.

Liberty Reserve might be still considered a standard in the industry strictly from a number of users point of view. However, when factoring in net worth per user and the amounts transacted and more importantly invested by these users, Liberty Reserve is not even a close 3rd I’m afraid. Liberty Reserve remains the solution of choice for smaller transactions, at least as far as we’ve seen so far.

We chose to accommodate a LR to PM deposits at 0% exchange fee through Xchanger. org as a service to our members and prospective investors,

but under no circumstances did we adopt this exchange feature expecting to greatly expand cashflow.

5. What income can the investor get with minimum deposit? Mention referral commission rules here, please.

With the minimum deposit of $25, you will be earning $0.75 every business day.

The affiliation commission rules are simple: members cannot affiliate themselves and spam for the purpose of affiliate gathering is not accepted.

Other than that, the affiliation program pays 4% instant commission, even to members that have no active deposits of their own.

6. You listed trading partners on website. Do you get financial support from them?

We also said the following:

“In order to have the best possible market approach and to make sure we are always able to implement the strategies that require asset allocation to leveraged instruments or traditional securities with minimal cost and maximum efficiency, we have chosen to work with two of the largest and most reputable commercially available investment banks in Europe”.

Greatly simplified, it means we have live trading accounts with these stock/cfd/securities brokers. Nothing more.

If we need to perform leveraged speculative trades or a hedge, those are our brokers.

7. How often do the investors contact SkyCrown customer support? Which questions remain up-to-date for them?

Well, there is a constant stream of emails and chat support requests. Most of them are particular issues, curiosities or inquiries. But 2 questions and 1 issue do appear a lot more often than the others:

1. “Do I get my principal back on expiry?”

The answer is no, which is also clearly explained on several instances of our website. However, given the exaggerated rates certain investment programs have trended to, the question is more than understandable.

2. “Where can I find my affiliation link?”

The answer, directly from our Frequent Questions page:

You can find your affiliate link in your account area, under “Affiliation Summary”.

The issue:

Many of our less experienced members forget to also invest the funds after depositing.

Members who only deposit funds to their accounts should kindly note that funds also need to be invested in order to start receiving profits.

For the moment, Laura is investing the deposits for those who forget by herself, to allow everyone a chance to get acquainted with our methods.

8. Disclose the curtain to future plans in the project? How are you going to win 100% trust in the industry?

We have great surprises in store for our members in the months and years to come. Our target is not to gain anyone’s trust right now. The goal we set out with is to explore our maximum potential and work as hard as we can, because right now, Skycrown is our favorite activity in the whole world. It is not a job, it is our passion. It is our pleasure.

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