The interview with Thai Monetary Fund representative

Over twenty days have passed since Thai Monetary Fund started, but it is still not quite clear what the fund manager lives by, and what, actually, is going on in the HYIP right now. The other day I busied myself with clarifying this matter. One of project representatives volunteered to answer key questions, as the administrator of inactive Elloda used to do in former times. His monologue appeared constructive, laconic, yet rather useful. So, what do you think about reading it?

Hello, dear Thai Monetary Fund investors.

Disregarding the fact that traders and founders of the project have been long dealing with both investments and trade on the commodity market, promoting our services on the Internet is a new activity for us. Nevertheless, we are glad that during the first month the growth speed of investors and deposited amounts have been increasing. And it happens even though the main advertising efforts are planned for December, and major services are involved into strengthening our website protection. You will see news on the accomplished work in one of these days.

While designing our program, we did not have any certain project to be followed. The main focus of the company for a successful work is trust of our investors. For that, we planned to add a number of new payment systems next year, mainly, for investors of the Asian region, and separate systems for CIS countries.

On our website, you will find detailed description of 4 main deposits in the Investment plans section. In their turn, all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The bigger the amount is, the stronger it influences our company, trade, fees, etc., and that is why a depositing term grows depending on the sum.

Unfortunately, there are no statistics for investors. The advertising department is in charge of statistics. Every week it provides data to the management board, and the advertising budget planning is revised in accordance with them. However, the major part of advertising means is carried out by the very investors by receiving a referral reward. Virtually the other day one investor showed up, for whom the company decided to raise fees for each referral by 2 times. But it is worth mentioning another thing: the more active investors are in referring others, the more referral rewards they receive, and the less funds remains for the department to distribute them on their own.

You are right. Our website was really haunted by a rather powerful DDos attack when we would be unable to do anything for almost one day! For this reason, in November we concentrated all our powers on the website protection, not on advertising or adding new payment systems. I will note from the start that the investors’ data protection, the security of deposits and the technical protection of the site are the biggest value of our company. That’s why we devote so much time and attention to these directions.

Best regards,

Thai Monetary Fund representative on CIS countries Chen Li

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