The interview with the admin of Absolutiva. com

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, Harry. Absolutiva was the attention point from the start. Though it was not excalted agiotage, and the investor still doesn’t know the situation well. Could you clarify the situation?

We’ve established our offline presence in 2011. By that time, we only worked with local clients. By the year 2012, we’ve decided to move from an offline based business to an online branded business. We’ve been working on developing the project for the past 5 months and because it’s a custom made script, it requires a lot more time to test and debug than a script that is premade. What makes Absolutiva so special is the fact that we accept PayPal. We all know that PayPal and High Yield Investment Programs will NEVER be in the bowl. We, as a business group, refuse to admit that we’re running a ponzi scheme. Why would we accept and risk our PayPal account just to run a quick scam program? We’re here because we also want to make profit, not only you. Some people asked as to what will happen if PayPal blocks your account. Well the answer is simple: YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

2. Do you have something to do with Uinvest project?

We are not affiliated with Uinvest in any ways. We’ve received a complaint on public forums regarding our “Refund Policy” page content. Please do note that this content was generated from a third party online content generator that can be used by anyone. If you still have any doubts, here’s a link that proves my point: http://terms-of-service-generator. legalriver. com/

3. Even though Absolutiva admin is that same “Toni” – the author of HyipBlogger, there is nothing illegal about it. Now every second owner of well-known monitors is dealing with Hyips. Who is not to profit from your existance and further success?

Absolutiva is managed by Harry and I personally reside in Delaware. Toni, the author of HYIPBlogger has no affiliation to us. He’s only providing us a monitoring services just like any other. Reason why some called him the owner of Absolutiva is because he was supporting our program from negative comments being made towards our project even before it launched. Those negative comments all came up from a forum called “TALKGOLD“. As far as I’m concerned, this forum has lost its credibility during the past few years. Their supposedly “Moderators” are not doing their job properly and this can be proved by reading this link I found on the internet: http://www. scam. com/showthread. php? p=1101258

4. We are over with intrigues. Tell us, how the project was created and which aims you follow.

We’ve created our project with good intentions. Our main and most important one is to increase our capital in order for us to generate even more profit. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you “We’re here to ensure that the client remains satisfied“. Even though that statement is true, our main goal is to generate profit.

5. You did a good job on Absolutiva “filling”. Share with us, how well is your project “armed”?

Absolutiva is armed with all kind of weapons. You can go from DDoS Protection, to SSL, to a dedicated server with DAILY backups and more importantly a hardware firewall. We do also have transparent in-script protection such as “SQL Injection, XSS Cross-scripting, Hotlink protection and much more.

6. Which investment options do you offer?

We do offer 2 type of investment packages, a DAILY and a WEEKLY package. Our Daily Package pay rate starts from 1.4% to 2% daily. The minimum deposit for the Bronze Daily Package is 10 – 499.99$. Silver Daily Package starts from a minimum deposit of 500 – 4999.99$. Our last Daily plan called Gold, starts from 5000 – 49999.99$. On the other side of the rink, we do offer Weekly Packages with all 3 sub plans. The good part of investing in the Weekly package is that your ROI is much higher. For instance, our Bronze Weekly Packages pays 7.5%. That’s an average of 1.5% daily. Our Silver Weekly Package pays 9%. That’s 1.8% daily. Lastly, our Weekly Gold Package pays 10.5%. That’s averaging 2.1% daily.

7. As far as I understood, deposit can be withdrawn before the end of the term. What is the penalty for such withdrawal and when can the investor send such request?

This option is only made available for the daily package investors. Weekly investment plans do not have that option as well as compounding. This request must be sent to us by either our ticketing system or live chat. As soon as we receive it, we will process it within 24 hours.

8. Which currencies do you accept? The investor can make good money on referral program, can’t he?

At this moment, we accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, PayPal and EgoPay. Our affiliate programs pays up to 7% commission based on your referral activity. If you recruit from 1-15 active referrals, you are entitled to a 4% commission. If you hire 16 – 30 active referrals, that’s 5%. 31 – 45 referrals gives you 6% and 45 and more awards you 7% on each deposit.

9. Your customer support is also well-fitted. Which contact means do you offer? Is mulitlingual interface available?

We do offer live chat support as well as ticket/email support and phone support. We do have plans on offering a multilingual interface in the upcoming weeks.

10. What plans for the future and prognoses on the project do you have? While competitors do their best to sink you, the situation is unstable whatever hard you work…

Every business has big plans to succeed but it’s not a question of plans, it’s a matter of how you execute those plans and when. I will not give out fake promises. I will let our hard work speak for itself. You can expect some big changes in our business approach. We do not compare ourselves with ponzi schemes because we simply don’t believe in running a ponzi. That’s up to each individual to determine whether we truly are or not. Do not forget 1 thing. We’re a registered business in the US and offering PayPal as a payment processor, something 95% of those competitors you were referring to cannot do.

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