The interview with the admin of Australian-trust. com

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Nikolas, I’m glad to welcome you on GIO pages. Tell us about your brainchild. Have you already had an experience in conducting similar programs? 80 days of existence is an “unchildish” term for the HYIP…

Hi, Alex. I am pleased that Australian Trust has attracted your attention. Australian Trust has been under another brand in the offline market for over 5 years. During this time, from a group of traders (something like today’s PAMM accounts) we have grown into a company that actively trades not only on forex, as in the distant 2007, but on the Stock Exchange ASX and other stock exchanges. We buy as current assets for interest rate purpose in other young companies to freely sell their shares, and long-term view of the known assets of Australian industrial companies (Telstra Corporation, BlueScope Steel, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton), which actually forms the main part of our working capital. The total working capital of our company, taking into account investors’ funds, exceeded U. S. $ 50000000 at the end of May 2012…

Let’s understand the concepts. What we call a HYIP? In the primary source abbreviation is deciphered as follows HYIP: High Yield Income Programs, which means high-yield investment programs. It means that companies operate in the plus and give part of their profits to investors. The term does not mean Ponzi scheme, under which depositors’ money (not investors) is paid only by means of new investors. For a Ponzi scheme the inflow of deposits is crucial and it is considered fraudulent. Unfortunately, in recent years these words have become synonymous – and this is fundamentally wrong. Australian Trust came into this market to destroy this myth.

In our case, 80 days – it is only the beginning of the launch. In general, the idea to create an online platform was dictated by the needs of our offline investors in tax evasion, and their desire to withdraw assets offshore. Probably everybody knows that the public policy of most countries strongly intensified in respect of cash flows. As a result – people are looking for an anonymous investment. Australian Trust gives such chance to them.

2. List the main benefits of Australian-Trust, please.

As I’ve said – online platform on April 2, 2012 has been created, on the basis of a profitable company. That is, we do not depend on the dynamics of the flow of investors of the host, hacker attacks and other horrors of the industry. We do not pay a single cent to investors in excess of what we earned in the markets. We offer investors just a part of income that is obtained from total capital.

3. What special characteristics does your project possess?

Our staff consists of regional representatives, translators, analysts, marketing department, transactions department. As for the website, here we have used the services of licensed manufacturer of scripts to process transactions from Gold Coders company. Custom-made script was rewritten according to our needs. We got Dedicated Server from the company Genius Guard with maximum protection from DDOS attacks. The site also has a SSL certificate for greater reliability when transferring data from the server to the investor. Australian-trust. com is constantly monitored in the command of several system administrators, which provides maximum protection for the system as a whole.

4. What caused recent introduction of short-term plan? Share the investment terms of Australian Pride fund with us.

We have introduced a new plan “Australian Pride” a month ago. In this plan, the deposit is included in the payments and investment period is just 20 days.

The decision to introduce short-term plan was dictated by two factors:

1) The above-mentioned stereotype HYIP = PONZI. We constantly receive letters from investors who have come from the HYIP industry with questions about why such a long time investment in the forums and actively discussed the return of the deposit. We decided to convince our investors even at early stage of our development that we do not intend to deceive anyone. We have included deposits in the payments! Now you can get your deposit back for the past 9 days. Reduced imaginary risks for investors, we also do not lose anything as these plans are essentially identical to the old, we just return deposit every day.

2) Since we are actually trading, we derive funds from LR and PM for the use of the intended purpose. However, we need to leave the reserve for wallets to pay investors in the coming week – it follows that if there is a possibility of a reservation deposit – we have to reserve these funds. Those that do not generate profits are losses. We distributed the payments over time, which relieves the system greatly.

5. What other investment alternatives do you suggest?

We offer 5 investment plans with deposit included in the payment.

Also we are offering four plans to return the deposit at the end of investing and the ability to set the compound interest, which means that a part or total of the daily interest is added to your deposit automatically, which leads to the colossal growth of profits.

6. If your potential investor is not registered in LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney systems, can he invest in your fund in different e-currency?

A couple of days ago we announced that from now, we provide various services for the exchange of electronic currencies in manual mode. That means you can make money in almost any e-currency – we will exchange it to Liberty Reserve. You will be able to receive payments in Liberty Reserve or order a reverse exchange and get money in the same currency in which you made a deposit. We are actively working to expand the list of accepted currencies, including the automation of this process. In the very near future we will begin to add new payment methods. But remember: the money which is not profitable – dead money. Therefore we recommend to use this service in manual mode today. To do this you just need to write a return request to customer support on our website showing the amount and currency exchange.

7. How can people contact representatives of your company?

We integrated live chat on the site a couple of days ago. Even if the manager is offline – you can leave your message and it will be considered as soon as possible.

You can also use our Support on the top navigation bar and send a message to customer support. In this case, the message will be duplicated on the administrator’s mailbox directly.

8. Outline your plans for the future, as well as projections regarding this summer and typical investor’s activity decrease in this period. In your opinion – can it affect the operation success of Australian-Trust in the coming months? Thank you.

Our future plans are updated daily and supplemented. We are clearly following every step in the development of our online platform and adapt to market needs, we have confirmed the addition of new plans, chat, exchange rates.

In the primary term, the following improvements are planned:

1) Replacement of the SSL certificate by a more trusted one – at the request of our investors.

Execution period June 26, 2012

2) Addition of an automatic payment acceptance through Payza (Alert Pay)

Delivery deadline – July 15, 2012

3) Addition of an automatic acceptance of other payment systems.

4) We are actively engaged in operating time partnership with currency exchanges, in order to provide maximum opportunities for investors right now.

Regarding the decline of investor activity, I gave the answer above.

Thank you for the interview, Alex.

I would like to wish all the users of your site financial stability, confidence in the future, error-free move towards investing. Good luck to you. Goodbye.

Sincerely, Nikolas. Australian Trust online.

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