The interview with the admin of Ivecon. com

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, Sir! Tell our readers when did the project start and how much time did you spend on its creation?

Our project was opened on May 28. We spent a lot of time to prepare it, started working on design, texts and concept in December. We wanted to make really good and successful project, so made a lot of research: what led successful past projects to success, how they built their invest plans, what hosting they used, what scrip, how they made an advertizing campaign, etc. We were going to use only the best services and made our project as much successful as possible.

2. How well is Ivecon. com fit?

We use dedicated DDOS protected server from Dragonara. net (which are known to be among the best in this industry), we use custom script, professional design and texts. We put a lot of attention to site performance and security, so besides installing SSL to encrypt sensitive data we also made some server and script tuning to maximize the security and performance. This allows us to make instant payments without any risk to be hacked.

3. Which investment plans can you offer?

Basically, we offer one investment plan where the interest depends on deposit amount and ranging from 1.2% to 2.6% daily. Investment term is 150 calendar days and we pay every calendar day. Initial deposit is returned after 150 days. What is the most important I think is you can increase your active deposit anytime. Many people prefer to start from small amounts and then upon their level of confidence grows, make bigger investments. So you can start with $20 and earn 1.2% daily, then add $180 and increase your deposit to $200 and earn 1.4% daily. Later you can add $800 and earn more. And I see this really works fine, many people use this option. We also offer pre-term deposit withdraw which is available after 30 calendar days and 20% fee is charged in this case.

4. The project started one and a half month ago. How many people managed to use the option of preterm deposit withdrawal? How much popular is the project now?

Surprisingly, I see very few people who decided to withdraw their deposits pre-term, less than 10 people. Most people believe in project success and continue to get their earnings.

As I see the project is very popular now, you can find us in top positions on most reputable HYIP monitors and blogs. We have a lot of new people coming every day with good amount of new funds deposited daily.

5. Which e-currencies do you accept?

We currently accept LR, PM and STP. We got a lot of requests to add Payza, we considered this option and finally decided do not have a deal with them, there were a lot of complains against Payza due to their unpredictable behavior, poor support and sudden account blocks caused several popular programs to collapse. All these could decrease the stability of our project.

As I see now this decision was right as today Payza terminated account of all HYIPs caused a lot of headache for their admins.

Now the new payment system is introduced as a replacement for Payza – Egopay and we are working now with integrating it into our script.

6. What language localizations are available on your website at present moment?

Our site is currently available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Russian. As it was announced earlier Chinese and Indonesian translation will be added soon (they are almost ready).

7. Is customer support service provided in the same languages?

We can provide support service only in English. We often get support requests in other languages, we use google translate to understand the request and can only reply in English. This usually works fine.

8. What can you tell about near future of the project and its investors?

As I mentioned before Egopay will be introduced soon (next week), we are also working on wire transfer solution for deposits, but I cannot give any forecast now. We will be working on site improvements to make it easier to use and more informative. We do not plan to introduce any new plans, bonuses or other surprises, just to continue project development and stable payments.

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