The interview with the admin of Vearnuearn. com

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello, admin! Share your impressions after 7 days online?

Before coming to question, allow me to introduce We Earn You Earn (Pvt.) Ltd. We are an international private limited investment company that founded recently by a group of professional Forex brokers, traders and financial advisers that qualified in investment market. We Earn You Earn Ltd. is a firm that provides turnkey investment services specializing in Forex Exchange, Commodities, High Yield Bonds, and Stocks Trading. We have offices in London, UK and Dubai, UAE.

Now coming back to question, we have received an amazing response from investors. Just within 7 days, our active members crossed the 1,000 limit and count is on the rise. Investors have referred us so quickly to their friends or colleagues that we are almost getting new members referred by our existing members. We consider it a sign of confidence in us and hopefully, this trust will further deepen in the future…

We have paid our investors within 30min to max. 8 hours depending on the no. of withdraw requests. We added additional features to our program after several requests by members. We added the EgoPay as payment processor, reduced the minimum withdraw to 1$, and added the paid out statistics page.

2. Which minimum on deposits do you demand? What income can the investor rely on after minimum investment term?

We have designed our investment plans keeping in view the small investors need as well. Our minimum deposit amount is only 10$ for the Alpha Plan – 110% after 1 day. The minimum return for this plan is 102.5% (2.5% profit) and which goes up-to 110% (10% profit) depending on the investment amount.

3. Why should the investor make deposit to your project? Give a couple of arguments?

It is quite difficult question to answer. However, we are professionals having decades of experience investing in Capital Markets. We have developed unique strategies to earn profits from world’s biggest market. We are based in the hubs of the world. We have team of experience traders, bankers and financial experts.

We are giving a handsome return to our investors in the shortest time (only 1 day). We have dedicated support team available 24/7 online.

We are paying very fast to investors, keeping them updated about our improvements.

Also most important thing is our slogan “Yes! U Earn Here” shows our ambitions.

4. Do the investors often contact customer support service?

Truly saying, investors are not facing any problems, so they rarely need to call support. We do receive considerable other requests but these are limited to the inquiries about investment plans, company origin etc.

5. How can you characterize your promotion policy (moderate, conservative, progressive and so on)?

Unlike other short term HYIPs, we are having moderate promotion policy. We are not using any false tools to promote our business or to attract investors e. g. hired poster, voters and special bonuses for monitors etc.

We are very transparent in our marketing and promotional campaign.

6. Tell us about crediting order on referral commission in vearnuearn. com.

Let me introduce you first about our referral system. We have different % of referral commission based on number of referrals as mentioned below.

    1-10 referrals = 2.5% referral commission 11-20 referrals = 3% referral commission 21-30 referrals = 4% referral commission 30-more = 5% referral commission

The referral commission is only earned if referrers have the minimum deposit of 10$. The referral commission is credited instantly to referrer account. The referral commission can be withdrawn any time.

7. What can you tell about reliability of the project? Should the investor be sure in safety of his funds?

The project is reliable because we are private limited company and we are not anonymous offshore entity like other so-called HYIP projects.

In addition, we are a team of professional traders, market analysts, bankers, and customer service representatives. Due to this the risk of everyone involved has been minimized while profits are exponentially maximized. We will ensure the success of our mission to minimize the risk of everyone involved whilst exponentially maximizing everyone’s profits.

Our investor’s funds as well as earnings are 100% guaranteed and secure.

8. What would you like to wish your investors and business partners?

Good luck and enjoy incredible investment experience with We Earn You Earn (Pvt.) Ltd. Because You Earn Here.

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