The interview with UlrichGroup (“24+26!”) administrator

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

1. Hello. I am glad to see you in the high-yield industry! Are you satisfied with the condition of the project run by you after 2 weeks online?

Hello. First of all, I would like to thank you for the provided opportunity to tell about our project on pages of a reputable and respected resource – GIO. As for our satisfaction with the project, we are surely satisfied, even though it’s just the beginning of our path. At the start the project was appreciated by many critics, its obvious potential was noticed…

I can also say that in the course of its functioning the project has won favor of more than five hundred investors with various deposits from all over the globe, an this number grows as every day passes. The fact that some investors have two or more deposits speaks about growing trust to the program, too. Our project is developing successfully and gradually, and it can’t help rejoicing us.

2. Given the amount of monitors in your base, one can assume that you are not intended to actively promote UlrichGroup so far. Is it really so?

Yes, it is. We think that the guarantee of project longevity is its smooth and moderate development. Usually enrollment of too many depositors in the beginning leads to fast closure of programs. And our goal is project’s long-lasting functioning. That’s why we think our program has enough advertising means now. The current state of affairs allows attracting such an amount of investors which is needed for gradual development. Also, we believe that the best advertising for our project is precise and scheduled payments.

3. I guess you will agree that HYIP’s site is really simple and laconic. Why did you decide not to opt for lots of content? With what things do you compensate sparse visual details?

Let’s look at sites of some existing HYIPs. You will see a standard, template and sectional design, pictures that are often forced there, and the same thing concerns some pieces of information placed on such sites. It may be difficult to find data, for which a user actually visits a website, i. e. investment information under all that “gimcrackery”.

While developing the site for our project, our primary aim was to make it as simple and comprehensible as possible so that all needed information records were clear at a glance. Besides that many users notice that the site looks rather nice and functional. Investor’s personal cabinet is the same story. It’s simple, comfortable and informative there.

4. I believe that logic of the plan developed by you is extremely clear. Nevertheless, there can be readers who still know nothing about your project. Tell them about prospects of the offered investment option.

Indeed, our investment program “24+26!” is extremely simple, affordable and reliable. In this program, we provide daily payments at the rate of 4.2% from a deposit within 50 business days. We realize how important safety of investments for an investor is, that’s why some part of a deposit is already included into payments. In that way, a deposited amount will be returned on the 24-th day of the investment term. During the remaining 26 days an investor will receive net profits and run absolutely no risks.

Total profits after two calendar months are 210%, i. e. your deposit will grow by more than two times! And if you take into account that you can reinvest money (invest it once again), say, in half a year you will gain almost one thousand dollars if you invest $100, i. e. it will be ten times as big! You must agree that these conditions are quite tempting. That’s why our program “24+26!” is favored by investors so much.

5. Can you recall peculiarities (for instance, in the process of registration, ordering withdrawals), which everyone who wants to join UlrichGroup needs to know?

It’s very easy to get registered in the project – just enter your e-mail in the registration field, to which you will instantly receive your login and password in the system, as well as id and e-mail of your upline. While ordering withdrawals, you don’t even need to indicate an amount. It is already in the withdrawal form. It’s enough to confirm the request by clicking the Request button and get money on your PM wallet. Considering the fact that we have not received any questions (on how to do this and that) from system users, I think we managed to removed them in advance thanks to reasoning and simplicity of a user cabinet interface.

6. Most likely you have already thought about making some additions to the package of available information. What would you add in the first place if it is so (new EPS, your own forum, etc.)?

First of all, we would like to become more open and understandable for potential investors. For this purpose we have recently created a round-the-clock phone support for current and new company clients. We also plan to implement online chat and hook new EPS. As for a forum, it’s easy to create it from the technical point of view, but the level of trust to such a resource can be doubted. It is more logical to look at development of our project “from the side” by means of existing threads of famous forums, for instance, on mmgp. ru for Russian users.

7. Sooner or later any potentially efficient project becomes the target for hackers. What technical means will help you cope with an attack in proper time (if it appears)?

We register attempts to crack our site almost every day. Russians, Costa Ricans, Brazilians, Italians, Hindus and others try to hack it. They fail. Software of our website was developed by professionals; all input data undergo multi-level checking before they are processed. Our database is reserved on remote servers many times. And encryption of traffic by means of SSL and dedicated server with ddos protection will help cope with other kinds of attacks on the site.

8. I don’t know whether you are the one who builds plans for the future, but everything once ends in HYIPs. How many investment circle will UlrichGroup complete?

Initially, we opted for project’s long-term work. And the way it is developing today – smoothly and reasonably together with a safe and quite profitable investment program – allows assuming that it will live a long life.

UlrichGroup – “24+26!” – is simple. It’s profitable. It’s reliable.

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