Investment preferences in the USA

In one of previous articles we were figuring our investment priorities of our overseas colleagues. According to actual statistical data, Russian investors appeared to be far more exciting and risky players than the cohort of depositors from other countries. However, preferences of citizens from the USA, Europe and Japan have the right to exist not only because of financial benefits but also due to cultural values that are cultivated in people in youth. Each nation has its own attitude to savings and it surely, can’t help influencing their readiness to risk accumulated funds to a bigger or lesser extent. And more details about investment choice of Americans (in terms of excitement, they have many features in common with Russians) are given in this article…

Many people are mistaken thinking that Americans are mercenary-minded and obsessed with money. Perhaps, from the viewpoint of users who have been brought up in a different cultural environment the aspiration of U. S. citizens to gain a financial freedom as soon as possible (by 15-16 y. o.) and build a career seems strange, but it’s a golden standard for them. And in this case, both the wish to get rich and the need to cover bills do matter. That’s why the investment activity for Americans is not only an interesting game (and not the game as such) but also an excellent chance to multiply their personal capital.

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In spite of the Russian investment market with lots of depositing options (HYIP, PAMM, TM, etc.), U. S. investors have a very limited choice of depositing alternatives. Most private investors are unable to make deposits in large companies as they do not have enough of free money (they are supposed to invest from $10 000) and do not possess an appropriate legal status (for instance, only legal persons and their representatives – banks, financial institutions and banks – are allowed buying stocks in venture funds).

Thus, the most affordable variant for investors with an average income is investments into stocks by means of brokers. And the procedure of purchasing stocks resembles trade on the stock market. Each investor chooses some company via a trading platform, considers the amount of stocks and buys them for some period. Well-off investors carry out their activity with the help of a consultant who defines where to invest money and gets some reward for that. American depositors with average earnings should think about the diversification of investment in advance since stock speculations promise a relatively small volume of profits (up to 30% per year) with disproportionately high risks.

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One way or another, traditions get their way: even despite recent crisis, American people firmly believe that they need to invest their capital somewhere. For this purpose they consider many different spheres in the diversification frames (they are mostly aimed at saving their money and the capital increase is less important for them):

    High technologies (this sphere appeals to 60% of Americans, and the Apple corporation that keeps producing high-quality products is considered an undoubted leader for investment aims) Pharmaceutical sector (American investors single out the Bristol-Myers Squibb company with 5% dividends per year in this domain) Healthcare industry (Varian Medical Systems is one of prior organizations for investments).

As for other companies in which Americans are willing to invest in 2013, the resource investorplace. com suggests the following TOP 10 promising commercial objects (companies that suffer losses are set off in red ink):

Daimler (auto&truck manufacturing) Mylan (generic drugs) Sherwin-Williams (specialty chemicals) Intel (semiconductors) Qualcomm (communication equipment) Femsa (beverages) Global X Funds Greece (country fund) Two Harbors (REIT) Great Lakes Dredge&Dock (heavy construction) Vale (industrial metals&minerals)

In that way, most Americans are focused on the profitability of stocks and do not betray their deep-rooted investment priorities. Well, in the conditions of their country this is the most optimal way of earning on investments. We will outline other available investment alternatives abroad in our next posts, but they will be intended to Russian users.

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