Investments in HYIPs. Basics [Manual for novices]

Devoted to novices in the industry…

If you decided to try yourself in HYIP-industry or build up your career here, you will surely ask a question “How should I start?”. Following easy and sufficient rules, listed below, will allow you to quickly learn traditional way on the start of HYIP-activity. Let’s go…

Remember: work with HYIP-projects means carrying out transactions with money. That’s why you have to be a) cautious and careful; b) sane and reasonable.

First of all, you need to prepare and secure your working surface:

1) Set good antivirus program and scan PC for viruses and bugs. Ideally, your computer has to be secured from key-spies (here it is advisable to enter login/password by means of copy-paste options).

2) Store passwords in a conventional way (writing them down on a sheet of paper) or use modern functional means, for instance, KeePass.

3) You will need e-mail address. Optimal variant is signing up in gmail. com. This process will take some minutes (you can choose Russian/Ukrainian interface) and benefits of this service are described on its website. For registration in this payment processor you need to create separate e-mail box.

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4) For depositing/withdrawing money in Russian segment, you will also need account in such payment systems as Яндекс. Деньги and WebMoney. Registration in such EPS is free and it takes as much time as in point #3. There is nothing difficult in it. All details are on official Яндекс. Деньги and WebMoney websites.

5) Charge accounts from EPS in point#4 (use card or option in the terminal).

6) As a rule, HYIPs accept other payment systems – LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney that’s why you will need personal account in one of them.

7) In order to charge accounts in payment systems from point#6 you have to use exchange services. You can choose useful exchange rates here and the very process in necessary directions is (Яндекс. Деньги -> WebMoney, WebMoney ->PerfectMoney) in this post. You will find some tried exchange rates there as well.

8) Now your EPS balance reflects charged sum, you can start direct investment activity. If you do not know yet, which HYIP to choose, read Searching for HYIPs.

9) Not to lose all the money, choose 5-10 potentially profitable objects. All available sum has to be distributed in equal shares among all projects. Such device named diversification will help in case some of programs will unexpectedly scam before you withdraw income. Also learn other articles of this block to avoid disappointments in the future.

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10) Let’s start registration in HYIPs. Enter program’s website, search Sign Up/Open Account/Registration phrase and fill in the form:

    Login – your username Password – should be unique, different from login Transaction code (оptional) – code for withdrawals E-mail – your e-mail address Secret question – choose any question from pop-up menu Secret answer – type in the answer to this question below (such information will be needed to restore access to accounts) LR/PM – number of your e-wallet in this currency (Uxxxxxx)

For convenience use GoogleTranslate plagin.

11) After point#10 enter the system (type in login and password), find Make deposit, choose suitable investment plan and indicate deposited amount. Confirm data correctness.

As a rule, deposit is charged immediately, sometimes, within several hours. The period of deposit crediting is indicated in FAQ. If this time has passed and there is still no deposit added, contact technical support.

12) How should you withdraw income? In personal account choose Withdraw section, get there and indicate withdrawal amount. Minimal limits on deposits/withdrawals are listed in FAQ. You can also clarify this question from technical support rep. Nuances offered in separate projects are here HYIPs->Reviews.

Good luck with investments and successful start!

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