Is it possible to refund money from scam?

Yes, there is such a magical function. However, it is possible to use it only in case of owning an AP payment system (“AlertPay”). It is possible to return the lost money if the investment in HYIP was performed in AP currency and if the deposit was made not more than 30 days ago. But, sadly, today there is no 100% guarantee of refunding our money even provided that all rules are followed. “AlertPay” system can return your money only if there is any on scammer’s AP account. But, scammers go with times and sometimes even faster. They quite quickly take actions for rapid “cleaning” of accounts. So, when “AlertPay” system appeals to their funds for a refund – there are no administrators or money there. Still, there are chances and investors use them successfully. We will describe a detailed scheme of money refund via payment system “AlertPay” below.

We enter the “AlertPay” site and go to the “Support” section.
We press “Submit a ticket” in the new window.
In the list of “departments” where to send our request, we choose “Transaction Dispute” and press “Next”.
We fill in a form

Full Name – your full name in Latin characters

Email – your e-mail address

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Method of Payment – the way you performed your payment (from AP account or from your credit card)

Type of Purchase – type of payment (“Service” as a rule)

Merchant/Recipient Email – scammer’s e-mail address

Merchant Website URL – scammer’s site address

Reference Number(s) – transaction number (proof of the fact that the deposit was performed), it can be found in the detail description of money transfer (for example, G1BCM-7K4E2-SK3B7).

Transaction completed less than 30 days? – Was this transaction performed less than 30 days ago? Yes/No.

Have you attempted to resolve this issue with the merchant directly? – Have you tried to solve this problem with the HYIP administrator? Yes/No.

Write that you have addressed the administrator and haven’t received any answer, then you will return your money faster.

“I understand that it can take up to 30 days to complete the investigation. I will not submit multiple tickets regarding this same dispute”. – You put a tick against this statement.

Subject: the subject of your letter

Then we explain the situation in the big text field, enter verification code from the picture and press “Submit”.

You can use this example of an inquiry letter to “AlertPay”:

“Dear Administration of “Alertpay”!

Site site_name. com has not fulfilled its obligations and does not pay money.

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Please, help me return my money.

Thank you in advance”.

If you have difficulties with English, use Google translator.

After sending this letter you will receive an answer from “AlertPay” to your e-mail in some days. You will be informed about receiving and investigation of your request in the first letter. Then, “AlertPay” administration will address scam administrator directly with the request of returning your money voluntarily, otherwise they will be forced to withdraw this money themselves and return it to scam “victim” that is to you. This will be the point of the second letter sent to your e-mail by “AlertPay” support center. You will need to send a report to “AlertPay” if you received the money from HYIP administrator or not in 5 days after receiving these letters. If you don’t send your answer within 10 working days, “AlertPay” will cancel this “ticket” as they will think that this scam issue was solved.

As you have understood, promptness is required in this case. If you notice that situation gathers pace (pending takes place) – take the matters into your own hands. And remember: there is a chance to return the deposited money only within 30 days after performing the deposit!

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