Long-living projects. Who are they?

Without digging in far years 2006-2008, when the industry was living through its prosperity times and the very system was working not by present rules we do recall such monsters as Dividend-Center, MacroTrade, ReproFinance, Safedepositary and so on… The epoch when such guys were ruling has been seen by many, and I have to state that this is a very rare notion. The thing which once has made success of high yield projects continues to work now. I mean regularities and peculiarities that are the base for purposefulness and diligence of the admin. What exactly makes such few selected projects stay alive at prsent moment, is to be revealed…

Consider long-living HYIPs which still work:


    Paying: 785 days floating interest rate, monthly payouts


    Paying: 555 days 0.35-2.9% on business days, no limits in terms, the deposit is returned any time


    Paying: 373 days 4-12% per month during 1-12 month, deposit is returned


    Paying: 422 days 1-1.6% during 180 business days, deposit is returned


    Paying: 351 days 0.6-1.2%, no limits in terms, deposit is returned within 12 months,1-5% daily within 300 days, deposit is returned, 10-25% daily within 250-90 days, depo is included in payments
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    Paying: 299 days 1.6-2% during 180 business days, deposit is returned


    Paying: 257 days 1.5-2.5% during 80 business days, deposit is not returned


    Paying: 252 days 1% daily, 6% in a week during 180 business days, deposit is returned

Benson Union

    Paying: 231 days 1.2-2.45% daily during 170 business days, deposit is returned

D&K Petroleum

    Paying: 219 days 0.7-1.2% daily during 180 business days, deposit is returned

Which common features do we see? First and foremost: 1) interest rate – varies from 0.3 to 2.5% (+/- floating) 2) investment terms – 90-180 business days 3) payments – provided daily or on business days or monthly

4) deposit is returned (in case of low interest and long terms) or already included (in case of more sufficient interest rates)

5) origin of the admin – in 99% of cases long-living projects appear to be created by foreign admins (the list above proves this one more time)

All other attributes: certificates of registration, programs of regional representatives, great scripts, tens of purchased domains and accepted currencies (as practice shows) are only good bonus to (it is important!) aspiration of the admin towards long lasting and “feeding” system and above described points. As all these “bonuses” finally (we could have experienced that) mean nothing without really “working” investment program (set of plans).

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Again if we look at the list of projects we make sure that the system is universal.

Undoubtedly, such set of features is not a background of regarding each project which has them a candidate for long and happy life plus the main stream of our funds. First of all, private plans of the admin can differ from “reliability” of investment plans (which is almost impossible to predict); there is a lot of other HYIPs such as Right5 that last up to 1 year and bring you income, increasing the amount of money compared to medium term projects twice or more.

Though close to axioma regularity which we elaborate so much is, a very interesting thing that may be one component of your future analysis.

I picked fresh projects on the topic:

Absolutiva (read the interview with the admin) ProBusinessltd (read the review) TheMoneyGalaxy (see the presentation) ERP-finance (see the presentation) BGTGroups Goldenarium StallionGold The Klides

Let’s hope that at least one half of this list will last till 2013, moreover, the time for settling new wave of gigants is more that convenient.

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