Losses outweigh profit: what should I do?

Whatever favorable the circumstances may be, sometimes we face difficulties in life and our professional activity. The way we cope with them is another question: someone gives up the whole idea, someone prefers to keep a low profile, others accommodate to a new situation and search for optimum ways out from such an unpropitious condition. Online investor is well situated to appreciate unpredictability, financial losses and, sorry for my word, ill luck. When luck/misfortune replace each other all the time, it’s one thing, just as it is with puzzles in a mosaic. Another thing is when losses outweigh profit. Here an essential question arises: what should one do in this case?!..

Everyone, who comes to hyip industry, hypothetically realizes that he/she is only responsible for their actions and decisions. And even hard-earned money, entrusted to the administrator of some fund, actually, may! be not returned (whatever paradoxical it sounds) to investors. Therefore, it is important to choose a right position: treat material losses in a philosophical way, do not smite your breast if scam is a fact and deposit has not been returned, perceive all events as life experience. Being more down to earth, let’s say, in the arsenal of an investor there should always be a backup plan, ideally, more than one. In search for the available means to somehow protect themselves and their financial situation from possible material harm, savvy users often choose some popular options:

1. Deposit insurance

First of all, we have to find out what insurance is in general meaning.

Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss (Wikipedia).

Insurance relationships in HYIP differentiate 3 entities:

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– insurer

– you (investor)

– administrator

The insurer is the user with a good reputation and some degree of confidence in investment environment and individual administrator. This person gets some insurance fund from project administrator and distributes it among investors, interested in this service. Insurance is paid to the investor in pre-specified sizes and only when the insured event occurs: project scam within insurance (investment) period. Insurance service is provided for each individual deposit and allows the investor to regain the money from scammed object.

Total insurance budget: from $500; it is determined by the administration of a specific project.

Note: insurance is not a panacea for losses, but may be considered as one element in the system of investor’s financial security. Time and again we also practice this procedure on GIO and soon you will be able to choose one of the available offers again.

2. Upline system&Refback

The first idea to be said is that occupation of an upline is very power-consuming, and the amount of time spent (especially, if you are a novice and are not well-known in investment circles) is often not rewarded with the amount of money gained. Nevertheless, the main advantage of a persistent and committed upline activity in hyip sphere is an additional (sometimes, really powerful) inflow of money into personal budget.

There are several options for attracting referrals by your affiliate link:

– referral link placement in your signature on forums (it assumes your active social position in this medium, where your income depends directly upon the number of posts and scope of theme sources)

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– mail and skype-subscription (not spam!)

– placement of your banner on specialized ad platforms

– use of social networks as a platform for promotion

– personal blog, its advancement and development of this direction on its basis

Surely, upline system is not everything referral system gives you. You may also get referral reward and refback from monitors by investing your money. If talking about small deposits, refback seize reaches 3000%. In many situations backs and referral commission are the only sources, allowing to gain profit (for instance, when the project scams before it ends the first investment circle).

3. PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module)

This diversification element goes beyond the limits of HYIP, but serves a kind of insurance cushion in case not everything is fine in hyip medium. PAMM is a trading account, combining accounts of trader (administrator) and investors. Unlike HYIP, here investor has some trump-card. First of all, it’s a proportional distribution of income among all portfolio participants, including trader (he/she is obliged to invest their share into total trading capital).

Each investor monitors the dynamics of events in a real-time mode, he/she may react on events at any time, invest/withdraw money by themselves. Besides PAMM-accounts, there also exist PAMM-indices (unlike accounts, they reflect an average profitability rate for a group of accounts, forming this index). In indices each user may pick an appropriate profitability strategy (aggressive, conservative, balanced, prize, etc.). I am dealing with both products directly, that’s why weekly PAMM-reports are the proof of real earnings in this sphere.

Income in PAMM depends on a) invested amount in account/index; b) trading strategy (aggressors show better results, but they are considered a more risky group); c) experience, skills and luck of trader; your prompt interference into the situation.

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One last point to be considered: profits and losses are distributed to both entities in the same proportional amounts!

4. Self-education in HYIP

Of course, alternatives are not the option for investors, whose primary goal is earnings in HYIPs. In this case, only a complex of psychological, strategic and analytical techniques will help achieve these general results:

– an adequate evaluation of the situation

– ability to analyze, collect and filter the information from different resources on hyip operation, you are interested in

– a right response to failures: may it be some experience for you that can’t be replaced with anything, no matter what

– development of personal success strategy (conservative, aggressive, persistent, etc.)

– compliance with diversification rules (allocation of total budget among funds with different profitability and lifetime: fast hyips, medium-term and long-term projects)

– use of exclusively free funds in HYIP

– a correct interpretation of intuition signs (as a rule, the majority of investors has a well-developed sixth sense)

– a purely personal feature, i. e. life in an optimistic and realistic manner.

Finally, we have to remember one basic truth: “Perseverance wins”. Try yourself in different directions, take risks wisely and do not forget that money is not the end in itself, but only one of the means for its realization. But… there should be some way to earn it. And which way it goes is up to you to choose!

May perseverance, strength and good luck be with you!

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