On sight: ALFA Stock Generation

From the very start sceptics have been saying quite dispiriting comments in respect of ALFA Stock Generation. Investors have been mostly disappointed with website design that is really associated with some fast HYIP rather than with a long-term project. As it often happens, the administrator has worked against unfavorable forecasts and is still fighting for the right to manage input investments. Perhaps, in different conditions we would prefer some more harmonious sample to the current project, but now there is no point in doing it. Moreover, ALFA Stock Generation copes excellently with its functions being one of deposit diversification elements…

The project started on June 19’13

Investment plans:

ALFA Stock Generation offers an acceptable set of investment plans with basic opportunities. Minimum/maximum entry is $5-$50 000. Deposit periods on plans last from 30 to 120 calendar days. Principal is returned in the end of the period. Reinvestment is available. A schematic description of plans is provided on the homepage of the site.

Standard. Minimum/maximum deposit limit varies from $5 to $500. Daily interest rate is 1.4% during 30 calendar days. ROI= 42%+100% principal back.

Professional. Deposit limits are $501 to $2 000. Daily percentage rate is 1.7% during 60 calendar days. ROI= 202%. The break-even point is reached on day 59 of the investment period.

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VIP. Minimum/maximum deposit limit varies from $2 001 to $50 000. Daily interest rate is 2% during 120 calendar days. ROI= 240%+100% principal back. The break-even point is reached on day 50 of the investment period.

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from Koddos SSL-certificate from Comodo Licensed script from GoldCoders Unique content Original design

The details:

    Accept: PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay Withdrawal: instant (initially), manual (at present) Affiliate program: 1% (for 1-200 referrals), 3% (for 201-500 referrals), 5% (for 501 and more referrals) Feedback: office address, contact form

The peculiarities:

    a responsible approach of the administration to the project development: news entries are recorded in proper time, a conservative policy is applied to the HYIP promotion (less than 30 monitors have been involved during the whole time of ALFA Stock Generation existence) 4 language versions (Russian, English, German and French ones) of the website open opportunities for enrollment of international clients a minimum number of website sections makes the navigation as easy as possible and enables acquaintance with ALFA Stock Generation outlooks an opportunity to post your vote for the project on more than 20 forums by direct links thanks to the Vote Us section working investment plans for depositors with any financial opportunities ( a loyal $5 minimum entry is for an average investor and $501+ limit is for more serious investors) besides the main source of income, each investor can participate in the referral program and get from 1% to 5% reward for his/her contribution to the ALFA Stock Generation development a stable operation of the resource for over 1 month on the mediocre financial and technical bases: the unfavorable attitude of many investors has been replaced with mercy during this period; the first round on the 30-day plan is over…
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