On sight: AlliexFinancial

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

AlliexFinancial administration did not need to assure investors in prospects of its fund too much: after few days of hesitation everyone who preferred the deposit diversification principle decided to assess project capacities (with a $1 minimum entry). An active involvement of “sponsors” on the opposite side of the screen only encouraged the administrator who had counted on this reaction in terms of low competition from the start. The project borrowed the best execution principles from long-term hyips and inherited the main fast project feature, i. e. high profit rates. More details are provided right under the cut.

The project started on July 05’13

Investment plans:

The project offers 4 publicly affordable investment plans with $1-$50 000 deposit limits. Interest is paid on calendar days, a deposit is returned in the end of the period. Partial/full compounding option is available by the Expert plan. You can withdraw your principal earlier by paying a 25% fee.

Starter. Minimum/maximum entry varies from $1 tо $500. Interest rate is 2.2% during 7 calendar days. ROI=15.4% of net profits + 100% principal.

Advanced. Investment limits range from $10 tо $1 000. Interest rate is 2.5% during 14 calendar days. ROI=35%+ 100% principal.

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Professional. Minimum/maximum entry varies from $10 tо $2 500. Interest rate is 2.% during 21 calendar days. Total amount of profits in the end of the term is 165.7%.

Expert. Investment limits range from $10 tо $50 000. Interest rate is 3% during 90 calendar days. ROI=270%+ 100% principal. The break-even point is reached on day 34 of the circle.

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server (domain for 5 years) DDoS-protection from CloudFare SSL-Encryption DigiCert Licensed script from ColdCoders Exclusive design

The details:

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, bank wire Withdrawal: instant, sometimes – manual (within 12 hours) Affiliate program: 7% from a deposit Feedback: office address, phone, e-mail, live-chat, contact form

The peculiarities:

    the execution quality (including a visual background, technical details and a set of investment plans) lets AlliexFinancial reach the level of a standard medium-term project; as for profitability, it belongs to a 61%+ income/month category the program openness for international contacts (thanks to a built-in Google Translate module) + a regularly updated news feed a good presentation of AlliexFinancial legal status: the project claims to be the UK registered investment company (see Certificate of Incorporation). The validity of incorporation documents can be checked here skillful and useful textual content of the resource: a convenient location of the information, an easy access to all sections an individual approach to the selection of website security means: standard ones include a domain for 5 years, an SSL certificate and a reliable ddos-protection; supplementary ones imply website support/scanning powered by TrustWave/Norton Secured several income opportunities offered in the project: the main one is making an active deposit on one of a few investment plans (from 15.4% net revenues within 7 days); alternative ones (no active deposit in required) presuppose the participation in the referral program (7% referral bonus) + being a regional representative (additional %) an active PR interaction on the side of the administrator: project pages in social networks (Facebook/Twitter), a wide set of monitors in the observation base (Rate Us + links to forums with project topics and alexa. com rating) and a gradual addition of content to the site (the Testimonials page is coming soon) finally, more than one month of a productive operation in superprofit conditions. Consequently, there are hundreds of satisfied clients (stats are on the homepage) who have successfully used available investment products (for 7, 14 and 21 days).
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