On sight: BlackGold

BlackGold is one of those few projects that manage to win investors not with profitability level, but with working professionalism, which has been tested in a long-term outlook (just consider LR devalued deposits exchange to PM equivalents without problems). From the start each investor has already been able to try at least two more or less affordable plans and feel the advantages of two referral offers – a standard two-level referral program and the consultant vacancy. However, even if many aims have been achieved, the administration is not going to give up. More advantages and opportunities in the project are provided below…

The project started on March 25’13

Investment plans:

At present moment the project offers a standard set of investment plans with varying limits. Minimum/maximum entry is $10-$100 000 (initially lower limit was $50). Deposit terms on basic plans range from 30 to 90 business days. The reinvestment option is available. Principal is returned in the end of the period. Preterm principal return is available (50% fee from deposit), and the volume of profits can be calculated right on homepage. Depending on chosen depositing methods, investments are accepted in RUB/USD/EUR.

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Basic. Minimum/maximum deposit limit varies from $10 to $500. Daily interest rate is 1% during 30 business days. ROI= 30% + total amount of principal.

Standart. Deposit limits are $501 to $2 000. Daily percentage rate is 1.4% during 50 business days. ROI= 70% + 100% deposit.

Optimal. Minimum/maximum deposit limit varies from $2 001 to $10 000. Daily interest rate is 1.6% during 60 business days. ROI= 96% + total amount of principal.

VIP. Deposit limits are $10 001 to $100 000. Daily percentage rate is 1.8% during 90 business days. ROI= 162% + 100% deposit. The break-even point is reached on day 56 of the investment period.

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server (domain for 6 years) DDoS-protection from CloudFare SSL-certificate from Comodo (for 5 days) Unique script Unique content Original design

The details:

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, LiqPay, SolidTrustPay, QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex. Dengi, bank wire Withdrawal: instant (min sum for bank wire is $100, min sum for QIWI and LiqPay is $1) Affiliate program: 7%-2% (two-level)+5% bonus for consultants in the end of the month Feedback: office address, phone (Chinese)+ support of consultants, Skype (English), contact form, live-chat

The peculiarities:

    a non-standard approach to website creation: multi-functional design in thematic color palette, many useful sections with minimum volume of texts a chance of switching among 4 language versions (Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese) for international users+the share panel (share the information about the project with friends in 13 popular social networks – from BlackGold homepage) interesting investment plans for depositors with various priorities (the first two plans are intended to average investors, the second two plans (Optimal and VIP) suit larger investors) an unusual payout scheme: there is a reverse time counting in the upper right side of the site. As soon as it shows 00:00 all project members get payments instantly the company positions itself as a real entity, located in China (Certificate of incorporation and Registration form with seal are justifying documents, placed in the Our company section).
    the supposed work results (selling oil on raw markets) can be viewed in Our reports; according to the work scheme, 20% of company’s earnings are sent to the stabilization fund in frames of the project each investor can contact company’s consultants (from Spain, Russia or Canada). Consultants are rewarded with 5% monthly bonus everybody can learn project’s latest news and discover colleagues’ opinion thanks to the left column on the website (French language version and internal exchange office are the next additions to be implemented in the near time) as for technical fitting, they are domain for 6 years, Ddos-protection, SSL for 5 years, unique design+EgoPay project’s account verification option a stable BlackGold project operation over 3 months (106 days) with consideration of customer interests. As a result, the program is constantly growing in popularity (about 20 monitors are observing its development at the moment).
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