On sight: Catena Finance

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

Catena Finance is a project that helps an investor train endurance and keep fit while implying low requirements ( a minimum deposit entry is just 1 dollar) and promising rates. No wonder that at first this HYIP had stayed in the background of brighter competitors, but time sorted everything out. Many comrades passed away long ago (sooner or later), and fortunately, temporal problems affected the target object in no way. Everybody who is not aware of such a “fruit” is advised to read this article till the end because basic plans are not everything, from which one can benefit here…

The project started on June 24’13

Investment plans:

The project offers two investment plans with long-lasting intentions. Minimum/maximum entries are $1/no limit. Interest is paid on business days daily (Daily plan) or weekly (Weekly plan). Compounding of interest is available. A deposit is returned in the end of the period. Terms are individual, see below. Also, the volume of potential profits can be counted with the help of calculator (your user cabinet – Make deposit – Calculate your profit).

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Daily. Minimum/maximum deposit limit varies from $1 to no limit. A daily interest rate is 2% during 365 business days. ROI= 830%. The break-even point is reached on the day 50 of the investment period.

Weekly. Deposit limits are $1/no limit. A weekly percentage rate is 11% during 55 weeks. ROI= 705%. The break-even point is reached on the 10-th week of the investment period.

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server (domain for 2 years) DDoS-protection SSL-certificate from GeoTrust Licensed script from GoldCoders Original design

The details:

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay Withdrawal: manual (within 24 business hours) Affiliate program: 5%-3%-2% (three levels) Feedback: contact form

The peculiarities:

    Catena Finance is positioned as the UK-based company (business activities are trade on the stock market and Forex investments); informative texts dealing with the schedule of project functioning, from which the News section is singled out in a special way; functional advantages: an intuitive placement of basic sections; a chance to log in either in the footer or in the header of the site; a static navigation panel in the back office; when it comes to investment comfort, it offers two moderately profitable plans, a multi-level referral system + additional bonuses for those who are active on forums, and the currency exchange option in the system (EP/STP/PM; fees are imposed for such exchange directions as PM-EP (2.00%) and EP-PM (7.00%)); the security system includes primary (dedicated server, ddos protection, SSL for 2 years, etc.) and secondary (detecting IP address change while logging in/detecting browser change while logging in) safety means; a chance to find out the current status of the program on outside sources (over 50 monitors are in the base now) and clarify all details once again by using the interview with the administrator on MNO; the project has been online for 141 days (the Silver status on mmgp): a one-third of the path is behind, and loyal clients have received a 10% bonus on the day 100 of its functioning.
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