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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

FreeTradesInc is still not 100% explored investment product for some investors, and it is easy to guess why it is so. Having set the goal to create the website that is maximally similar to stock market realities, the administration hooked more than enough (to be more precise, more than required by a hyip user) graphical details from the semantic kernel. As a result, at first a visitor may find it difficult to search for necessary sections (after you get acquainted with this article, the picture will be clarified). But still it is worth taking a closer look at this HYIP since the manager has already proved efficiency of the same working strategy in the previous project. And he keep practicing it in the current case…

The project started on September 20’13

Investment plans:

The project offers 4 basic investment plans and 1 special offer with a $25 minimum entry (no maximum entry is set) and short limits in terms. Interest is paid on calendar days, deposit is returned in the end of the period (except V. I.P. plan). No compounding option is available. The administration says that it provides a 99% guarantee of money return by main plans. There is profit calculator for everyone to count end income in a user cabinet (UC). While signing up, remember to memorize your PIN code: it will be needed when you request withdrawals.

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Plan 1. Minimum/maximum entry varies from $25 tо $2 499. Interest rate is 26.8% during 4 calendar days. ROI = 107.2%.

Plan 2. Investment limits range from $2 500 tо $4 999. Interest rate is 27.4% during 4 calendar days. ROI = 109.6%.

Plan 3. Minimum/maximum entry varies from $5 000 tо $9 999. Interest rate is 28.6% during 4 calendar days. Total amount of profits in the end of the term is 114.4%.

Plan 4. Investment limits start with $10 000 and more. Interest rate is 34.83% during 4 calendar days. ROI = 139.32%. The break-even point is reached on the day 3 of the circle.

V. I.P. Minimum/maximum entry starts with $20 000. Interest rate is 200% after 8 calendar days.

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server (domain for 2 years) DDoS-protection by CloudFare SSL-Encryption GlobalSign (for 4+ years) Licensed script by GoldCoders (modified) Original content Exclusive design

The details:

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, STP Withdrawal: manual (within 2-24 hours) Affiliate program: from 2% to 5% Feedback: legal address, contact form

The peculiarities:

    an impressive amount of textual (it is perceivable that the author of articles in not a native English speaker and graphical files about the company (About Us – Why Us?/What to expect and so on), financial markets (Information – Financial markets), various investment strategies (Info for Invest), a series of articles about Forex market that includes tips for online traders and way of how to avoid financial losses (Forex Guide); the availability of charts which reflect the current situation on some stock markets (NASDAQ, S&P 500, etc.); the chance to view the latest exchange rates by main currency pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY) / prices for metals and energy sources (check the right column of the homepage); the availability of the homepage form that allows checking the current exchange rate for any currencies; the necessity to use https in FreeTradesInc website address while signing up for security reasons; when it comes to convenience while navigating through the site, the latter contains the scheme of sections location in a user cabinet which you can see before getting registered (Members Area) and the panel of quick access in top and bottom areas of the resource; UC is pretty much the same as the interface of the website’s visual part: here we can also see additional tables wirh forecasts about stock indices, currency rate changes and others + a circular graph with financial data of your profile; given the domain registration date (04/29/12) and the project’s start date on some monitors, this HYIP has spent over one year for gaining experience in the “partizan” status; the weightiest advantage of FreeTradesInc is 35 days of successful operation without an active attraction of the support group (only 30 monitors are in the base) and quite promising conditions, i. e. from 7.2% of net profits after 4 calendar days.
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