On sight: Genius Capital Limited

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

Genius Capital Limited is a universal “soldier” that combines a unique and multitask covering, laconic investment plans and a full-size range of contact details. At this point the project has easily proved its payment capacities in terms of the Starter plan, and now it is approaching the end of other investment circles. I guess everyone can estimate the preparation quality of the resource while everyone who is not frightened with an opportunity of waiting only for the investment round closure to withdraw one’s deposit can join it. Let’s check it!

The project started on September 17’13

Investment plans:

The project offers 3 investment plans with a $10 minimum entry and acceptable duration terms. A minimum investment period is 15 business days. Interest is paid on business days, a deposit is returned in the end of the period. A partial/full compounding option is available (0%-100%). No premature deposit withdrawal is available. Click here to view examples of profit calculation by all investment offers. Profit Calculator (located in the left column of any website page) will help you count your own potential volume of income. A minimum withdrawal limit is $1.

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GCL Starter. Minimum/maximum entry varies from $10 tо $10 000. Interest rate is 2% during 15 business days. ROI = 30% net profit + 100% principal.

GCL Regular. Investment limits range from $500 tо $50 000. Interest rate is 2.5% during 30 business days. ROI = 75% + 100% principal.

GCL Advanced. Minimum/maximum entry varies from $1 000 tо $100 000. Interest rate is 3% during 60 business days. Total amount of profits in the end of the term is 280%. The break-even point is reached on day 34 of the circle.

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server by BlackLotus (domain for 10 years) DDoS-protection by BlockDos SSL-Encryption by Comodo + green bar Licensed script by GoldCoders (modified) Original content Exclusive design

The details:

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, OkPay Withdrawal: instant (if the amount is <$500; a daily limit is $1 000) / manual for all other amounts (up to 24 hours) Affiliate program: 5%-2%-1% (a three-level one) Feedback: office address, contact form, e-mail, online-assistance, phone (from 9 am till 5 pm GMT on weekdays)

The peculiarities:

    the project is positioned as the UK based company (you can check its registration by the number 08658347; view its certificate of incorporation by this link) which possesses a 5-year experience on the foreign exchange platform; such sections as Get Started and this one help learn all abundance of website content and back it with a video presentation; a convenient site map is intended to simplify the navigation process through the resource + stay aware of events by visiting the News room block; when it comes to security, the website offers an informative Security Information section (with pieces of advice, suggestions with regard to antivirus software choice and so on) and an additional security system (withdrawal PIN is required); as for technical provision of the project, it includes an excellent set of technical parameters (a domain for 10 years, SSL EV (extended validation) + green bar for an extra protection) + a wide range of contact options; an active position of the administrator in terms of the project promotion – over 60 monitors have been added as of today; the main achievement is almost one month online; consequently, one full investment circle by a 15-day plan has been completed and a couple of next rounds are coming soon.
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