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Despite the fact that PureIncome has been working online for quite a long time (more than 4 months behind the project administration), its onset on our blog is dated to present day. Indeed, over the accomplished period project direction has managed to assure investors in its reliability not only with words by also with actions. The main project concept resembles that of a stock exchange: one party loses money, another one gains it. Every investor has a chance to purchase/sell company’s shares without downtime for weekends. More opportunities are given in the continuation of this post.

The project started on January 26’13

Investment plans:

PureIncome offers non-standard and time-proved investment plans. Minimum entry starts from $10, maximum entry fluctuates at the point of $100 000. Compounding option is available in the first plan. Deposit calculator on home page will help calculate the volume of potential profits. Principal is returned in the end of the investment period.

Pure Income Shares. Minimum/maximum deposit limit starts with $10. Daily interest rate is 1.8%-2.3% on weekdays/0.5%-0.7% on weekends during 180 calendar days. ROI (paid back in the end of the round)= 292.8% and more + total amount of principal. Capitalization option is available. The break-even point is reached on approximately day 53 (or earlier) of the investment period.

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Pure Income Bonds. Deposit limits are $10 and higher. Daily percentage rate is 1.2%-1.7% on weekdays/0.5%-0.7% on weekends during 180 calendar days. ROI=199.2% and more + 100% deposit. Interest may be withdrawn on a daily basis. The break-even point is reached on approximately day 80 of the investment period.

Companies’ shares 1-5. Minimum/maximum deposit limit starts with $10. Daily interest rate is 0%-3%-5%-7% per day. In accordance with companies’ growth level, one can gain or lose up to 7%. Purchased shares may be sold at once at a more beneficial prize. PureIncome does not limit the investor in the amount of purchased shares.

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server from Black Lotus (domain for 18 years) DDoS-protection SSL-certificate from Symantec (for 3 years) Unique script Unique content Original design

The details:

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, bank wire Withdrawal: manual (within 48 hours for EPS, within 5 business days for bank wire) Affiliate program: 5%-10% (two-level) Feedback: e-mail, phone+callback option, live-chat, ticket system

The peculiarities:

    a professional project website performance: thematic informative content, a detailed description of each available investment offer interesting and workable investment plans, allowing users with different aims and temper to fulfill their ambitions up-to-date textual content on the site (including the FAQ and News Center sections) onward project development: the main milestones in its development may be traced by dynamics of published notices in a corresponding section the opportunity of tracing the change of interest rates on shares/bonds with growth indicator for each plan (the Stock History section) as for additional opportunities, it offers two-level referral program (5% from affiliate’s investments+10% from affiliate’s investments under your downline) a developed system of external relations with the project: regional representatives from 9 different countries (the full list is here) + PureIncome pages in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) as for technical fitting, they are domain for 18 years, SSL for a few years, strong website protection a wide and publicly accessible list of contact details (including ticket system and phone with callback option) a competent and unobtrusive client policy: as a result, satisified users, high demand for PureIncome.
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