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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

Stravia. biz is interesting for investor, mainly, because of profitability as the volume of daily interest rate allows being in profit even in case of unpredictable (though possible) situation – preterm program closure. Besides that, the admin shows interest in program’s future with his actions and efforts, working at its improvement and investors’ encouragement. On the background of recent medium-term projects this object looks well. We will discuss during this material what helps it accumulate both investors’ deposits and attention.

The project started on December 11’12

Investment plans:

Right yesterday the admin made some corrections in investment plans which found reflection in our review. It is worth mentioning that these innovations in the project will not affect investors with active deposits. Refreshed plans last for 70 business days with daily interest return and deposit return in the end of investment period. Compounding is available. Minimum deposit is $10, maximum is $10 000.

Standard Plan: offers such option and compounding (0%-100%).

    PLAN I: $10 – $500 2.7% daily profit and ROI = 189%+100% (main deposit) PLAN II: $501 – $1,000 2.8% daily profit or 196% after 70 business days PLAN III: $1001 – $10,000 – 3.0% daily profit, net income is 210% in the end of the term
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Elite Plan: offers such opportunities and 100% compounding:

    PLAN I: $10 – $500 3.0% daily profit or 210% net profit after 70 business days PLAN II: $501 – $1,000 3.2% daily profit, ROI = 224%+100% principal return in the end of the term PLAN III: $1001 – $10,000 3.5% daily profit and 245% of net profit in the end of investment period as well as 100% deposit return

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server from Black Lotus DDoS-protection SSL-certificate from GeoTrust (for 2 years) Licensed script from GoldCoders Unique content Original design

The details:

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay Withdrawal: instant Affiliate program: 5% + bonuses Feedback: address, e-mail, phone, contact form

The peculiarities:

    good technical base including SSL certificate for 2 years profitable rates on investment plans allowing to reach break-even point almost in the middle of investment period the availability of rich and 100% unique content on project’s website, in particular, FAQ, Security Guidelines (providing recommendations on safety measures) informative Get Started section which helps start everyone, even with minimum pf basic knowledge about HYIP you can contact it in one of social networks – Facebook the main project’s events are reflected in News&Highlights section active admin’s position on resource development with some updated elements in plans and new version of banners besides basic referral commission every investors has a chance to get bonus on active investors (only once):
    – Level 1 25 active investors Receive bonus of $25.00
    – Level 2 50 active investors Receive bonus of $50.00
    – Level 3 100 active investors Receive bonus of $100.00
    – Level 4 250 active investors Receive bonus of $250.00
    – Level 5 500 active investors Receive bonus of $500.00
    – Level 6 1,000 active investors Receive bonus of $1,000.00 website has functional and customized profit Calculator project website looks like rather user-friendly resource giving positive impressions while using it with few required actions.
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