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The managerial team of the TopCapitalist project has skillfully used the ‘partizan’ practice of increasing project’s online age, that’s why it can already boast of such a weighty trump as an impressive endurance. The promotion principal of this program has been effective earlier and, when taken together with short-term plans (with regards to medium-term objects), it allows us making favorable prognosis. Moreover, the direction has not been sitting and waiting in the wings: now we can observe a fair project in all aspects (a multi-functional design, a variety of investment opportunities, a reachable technical support and an adequate promotion campaign are at everybody’s disposal). All details are provided below the cut.

The project started on May 15’13

Investment plans:

TopCapitalist offers an acceptable set of investment plans with basic opportunities. Minimum/maximum entry is $25-$100 000. Deposit periods on plans last for 15 business days. Principal is not returned in the end of the period. Compounding is unavailable. The volume of potential profits can be counted with the help of income calculator.

Basic. Minimum/maximum deposit limit varies from $25 to $2 500. Daily interest rate is 8% during 15 business days. ROI= 120%. The break-even point is reached on day 13 of the investment period.

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Advanced. Deposit limits are $2 501 to $10 000. Daily percentage rate is 8.5% during 15 business days. ROI= 127%. The break-even point is reached on day 12 of the investment period.

Professional. Minimum/maximum deposit limit varies from $10 001 to $35 000. Daily interest rate is 9.2% during 15 business days. ROI= 138%. The break-even point is reached on day 11 of the investment period.

Expert. Deposit limits are $35 001 to $100 000. Daily percentage rate is 10.5% during 15 business days. ROI= 157.5%. The break-even point is reached on day 10 of the investment period.

The technical part:

    Dedicated Server from Black Lotus (domain for 6 years) DDoS-protection SSL-certificate from Comodo Licensed script from GoldCoders Unique content Original design from TRA Group

The details:

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay Withdrawal: manual (within 12 business hours), factually – instant Affiliate program: 3% (for 1-20 referrals), 4% (for 21-100 referrals), 5% (for 101 and more referrals) Feedback: office address, phone, contact form, live-chat

The peculiarities:

    a profound approach to project creation: all main theme sections with a detailed description+the option of page download in PDF format are available almost 3 years of project’s passive existence before the official launch in May 2013 (in year 2010 the attempts of promoting the hyip on forums, but the topic was not that popular) a convenient navigation panel both in top and footer of the site+the option of quick search through the site provide an easy access to the necessary section (by the way, each section is supplementary to previous ones in a semantic aspect) working investment plans for depositors with any financial opportunities (minimum $25 entry is for an average investor and/or a novice and from $2 500 limit is for more serious investors) the company positions itself as a real entity with the UK registration, but the direction gives no proofs except lots of texts (Managerial team provides information about the management board; What business we do gives details about domains of company’s activities)
    besides the main source of income, each investor can use a referral offer and get up to 5% reward for its contribution to TopCapitalist’s development as for technical parameters, we can single out a couple of essential details: domain for 6 years, Ddos-protection, SSL and unique design+responsive customer support specialists (by office address, phone and online support+Facebook page) a harmonious operation of the TopCapitalist project over 1.5 months with consideration of customer capacities. As a result, the program gets its position in the TOP promising HYIPs of the summer season. However, it’s in the subsection of projects with pretensions.
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