Registration in HD-Money payment system

The strengthening of HD-Money positions on the market of virtual payment systems was favored by sudden closure of one among strongest players – LibertyReserve. Although HD-Money still has a novice status, it’s by no means an outsider among competitors. The appearance of this EPS in HYIPs is related to popular GoldCoders script provider that has been the patron of the system in listing it among possible payment processors. I must admit that users find a minimum set of advantages. It’s is just enough to carry out successful and prompt transactions. So, let’s start!

The official site gives a one paragraph description of what the HD-Money system does and how it works. According to additional sources, this EPS might be connected to already inactive LibertyReserve system. In 2009 there was a word that LR direction had shares in HD-Money company. Well, later on LR started to deny any kind of business relations with the latter.

At this point HD-Money can be treated as an absolutely independent participant of the EPS market with its own ‘face’ and peculiarities. As for features that attract users inside the system, one distinguishes easy registration, low fees (details are below), intuitive interface, security of the resource and clients’ funds, earned on Forex trade, offshore investments, etc. Considering mentioned above events around LR closure, HDM administration decided to ensure itself not only from cyber hackers, but also from US authorities interference (citizens from the USA are not allowed to create HDM accounts).

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HD-Money fees:

– 1% fee on HDM transactions (max $2.99)

– no monthly fees

– no administrative fees

Unlike many other payment systems that offer several account types with varying fees, HD-Money registration is completed on general conditions. As a result, everybody gets a universal user account.

1. In order to join the payment system, follow hd-money. com link and press ‘Register’ in the left column of the website. Now you will see a registration form. Surely, a successful signup process implies that you enter accurate personal data:

    account name e-mail address e-mail address confirmation password (min. 6 characters) password confirmation security question security answer select appropriate date of birth enter correct digits from the picture agree to the terms and conditions by marking the spare square press ‘Create’

Pay attention to the note*:HD-Money does not accept account registrations from US citizens.

2. Our next step is getting login and payment access key (PAK) to the indicated e-mail address. You need to memorize, save or print this information:

3. Authorization. Enter chosen login and password in order to reach your back office. As you see, it is minimalistic. Account interface corresponds with client’s expectations: instantly made transactions upon minimum efforts!

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We’re done with it!

HDM site provides the list of exchangers for everybody interested in HD-Money currency exchange options. Due to growing popularity and demand for services of the system, the list will be surely extended.

Have a good day!

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