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Saturday, 11 January 2014 12:48

Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don't invest your money in it!

It's not the first time the so called patrons of IT industry have furrowed HYIP expanses. Their present onset may appear to be quite successful, although a better moment for the launch could have been chosen. Over the last three weeks we've been forced to be satisfied with projects that are just poor resemblances of hyip products, so the participation in LEANCY is a good reason to recall what a well-done program means...


The project started on December 20, 2013

As you might notice, in LEANCY the main attention is focused on peculiarities of profit calculations by investment plans. The very website contains the minimum set of standard info for users interested in other details besides percentage rates. Still, time defines a lot: now almost everyone is willing to be lit up and pick the plan with extra bonuses, and some two weeks earlier you (and I, actually) have been bothered with doubts in project's efficiency. 

Well, if this trial is successfully over, we are destined to try our luck in this medium-term project. In terms of informative value, the resource is universal (and it shows LEANCY's official registration):

  • you can get a desired volume of data in one of five asked-for languages (En/De/Es/It/Ru), and the number of language versions is offered not to the detriment of grammatical canons by each of them
  • Ryan helps to be aware of topical news on his blog built in right on LEANCY's website
  • one more way to control the course of events in one's own account and on the website on the whole is to enable the option of receiving notifications by financial transactions and project news
  • if you are a newbie or like exactness in everything, you can learn all possible terms of service, having registered on the site and having chosen "Investment control" in your back office or on the website (the footer -> Getting started
  • in case you want to extract as many benefits as possible from this object, join the program for uplines and regional representatives (check here how to do it) and look for partners on Google+ and Facebook


Investment Plans

The project offers a quite simple and at the same time non-standard investment plan with the encouragement of large players. To start working with it, one needs to have from $10 to $200 000 in one's balance*. The interest rate is not fixed, the ceiling is 5% per day (as of today, an average figure is 4.44%). The maximum amount to be achieved is 150% from one active deposit (deposit is included in daily charges). The speed, with which you'll reach this level, depends on the amout of your deposit (at least 1 calendar month). If you want to earn more, you need to deposit from $1001 at once. Upon these conditions, you can receive additional daily bonuses according to the following percentages: 

  • x 1.00 - from $10 to $1000. If your daily earnings rate is, for instance, 5%, you'll get 5% x 1.00 = 5%, i.e. the pure percentage rate.  
  • x 1.05 - from $1001 to $5000. Here your daily percentage rate of 5% is multiplied by 1.05. You'll receive 5,25% (or +0.25% bonus). 
  • x 1.15 - from $5001 to $15000. Calculate: 5% x 1.15 = 5.75%, or + 0.75% to the standard daily rate (5%). 
  • x 1.30 - from $15001 to $50000. The daily rate (5%) x 1.30 = 6.5% (i.e. + 1.5%). 
  • x 1.50 - from $50001. The same daily rate in the amount of 5 x 1.50 = 7.5% (your bonus is 2.5%).

The earnings percentage is calculated in the end of the day and is displayed here. You can use this page to find a necessary transaction and learn the history of deposits. 

*The premature deposit withdrawal is available: 

 The Participant may request a refund of any previously made deposit on the following conditions:

  • the deposit has been made at least 10 days ago
  • the deposit has accrued no more than 75% of earnings (including the initial deposit amount)
  • the refund is processed within 7 business days from the moment the request is made
  • the partner's award will be subtracted from the participant's account.


The technical part

  • Dedicated Server (domain for 7 years)
  • DDoS-protection 
  • SSL-Encryption by Thawte
  • Custom script 
  • Original content
  • Unique design


The details

  • Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, Payeer, Bitcoin
  • Withdrawal: instant (the min withdrawal amount for takes $1 and 0.01 BTC for EPS and Bitcoin correspondingly)
  • Affiliate program: 5%-2%-1% (3 levels) - for uplines; 7%-3%-1% (3 levels) - for regional reps
  • Feedback: office address, contact form, Skype


The conclusions

If before the New Year's celebrations LEANCY could seem "too good to be true", now it is truly good. Arguably, the admin decided to launch his creation at the time when investors expect it least of all in order to provide it with a smooth start. Unfortunately, in our medium you can't be fully sure in intentions of the second party, but a gradual promotion development alongside with an unobtrusive PR policy and stable payments are the very thing investors with the motto "slowly yet surely" need. 


Alex Sagalov, good-investors-online.com 

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