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Our warmest wishes are being fulfilled: after successful start of our investment activity in fast medium it is time to pay attention to medium-term projects. Among others both many readers and I are much interested in Ad-Solid. com. The project is made on a great level with lots of features and additional (and real!) opportunities for getting extra bonuses and interest. Since recent program launch good hints for success have been distinguished which are to be implemented and we will witness it…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project started on January 13, 2013

A few get-to-know moments will be enough for making first conclusions in regard of Ad-Solid: project’s launch was preceded with painstaking and precise preparatory work, logically and technically thought-out. The direction of program’s activity – advertisement of promo-products by its members is reflected is stylistics – fully corresponds in colors and attributes its marketing specificity. Website itself is run by multi-functional custom script.

If you are an advertiser or if you plan to promote your own resource (For advertisers section), you can advertise your resource by means of different ad products (banners, text boxes, windows) right on Ad-Solid website and on its partners. You will be supposed to pay something. In general, 150 credits cost $1. In order to buy ad place, enter your office and Buy Credits section.

For those who are not going to be advertiser there is the main option (For investors section). You will get 10% from amount spent by attracted advertiser. Still, you have a chance to gain interest on traditional plans and promote your website through banners and other products for credits***. Let’s take a close look at bonus credits. In order to spend them, go to your office and choose Spend Credits. Click on Banner Advertising, after that you have to fill in such fields:

    Upload from URL – enter banner URL (png, gif, jpg formats are accepted. Maximum size is 600kb, size of banners are 728×90, 468×60, 125×125).
    Now you are on settings page, where you will see: Banner tip – information which appears after you point the mouth on banner (for instance, RCB 200%) Target URL – enter URL of your referral link or website address. User will be automatically redirected there after he clicks on banner. Target language – select lamguage, users with this langauge will see your banner displayed The target area – select region Target country – select country
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It is recommended to leave default settings.

    Allocated credits for banner – amount of credits to be spend for banner promo Maximum of daily impressions – max amount of banner display per day.

All banners are moderated (within 12 hours on weekdays, up to 24 hours on weekends, up to 72 hours on public holidays). You are NOT allowed to advertise: 1) pornographic materials; 2) narcotics and psychotropic substances; 3) websites with undesired pop-ups; 4) weapon; 5) alcohol, tobacco; 6) phishing websites.

Investment plans will be considered below and we draw your attention to some more additional moments. Ad-Solid provides a system of bonuses and encouragements. Depending on the financial state of the project, the program pays a daily bonus in the range of 0…0.2%. To receive this bonus please enter your private office at least once a day, thus you will qualify to receive the bonus in the following 24 hours after a visit to your office. Besides the interest on the deposit is growing each day by 0.002%, which is at the end of investment term provides a tangible increase of 0.3%.

As for compounding, when the size of your deposit (through reinvestment) reaches the boundary value ​​between the plans (for example, $499.99-$500), your investment position will be automatically switched to a plan with a higher interest rate and the accrued gain in the interest rate (the difference with an initial interest rate of the previous plan) are stored and added to a new primary interest rate.

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In near future bonuses and contests will be arranged, so join the project on Facebook and Twitter, also watch program video on YouTube. Among other plans are implementation of 9 language versions and official registration on Panama (documents will be added as soon as this procedure is completed). All questions can be clarified in FAQ or Contact section. Switch to News section in order to get updates.

Investment Plans

Since the project is positioned both as online fund in traditional regard but also includes marketing aspect, each investor has a right to advertise its product depending on deposited amount. All plans in the program last for 150 working days, interest is credited on working days, principal is returned in the end of investment period. Minimum amount for investments is $10, maximum is $50 000. Compounding is available any time as well as preterm principal withdrawal: 50% from deposited amount during first 60 days, 30% of penalty during 61 and 120 days of the period and 20% during 121 and 150 days of investment term.

Gold: min/max investment takes from $10 tо $499.99 for 1.2% daily. Total net income is – 180%.

Emerald: min/max investment takes from $500 tо $1 999.99 for 1.3% daily, ROI= 195%.

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Sapphire: min/max investment takes from $2 000 tо $4 999.99 with 1.4% daily or 210% in the end of investment term.

Ruby: min/max investment takes from $5 000 tо $24 999.99 with 1.7% per day and 255% in the end of the period.

Diamond: rewards with 2.1% per day with min/max investment from $25 000 tо $50 000. ROI=315%.

*For every $1 invested there are 50 advertising credits charged

**1 advertising credit on the average is 3 ad impressions

***Credit is internal project’s currency

The technical part

    Dedicated Server from Staminus (for 3 years) DDoS-protection from Staminus SSL-Encryption from Thawte (for 2 years) Unique script Original design Exclusive design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, STP, EgoPay, bank wire ($1 000 and more) Withdrawal: instant (for amounts less than $50) manual (within 24 hours for amounts more than $50; on weekends and public holidays it takes up to 72 hours). For bank wires it takes 24-72 hours. Affiliate program: 5%-3%-1% (three-level) + 10% of the amount spent by attracted advertiser Feedback: address, phone, e-mail, contact form

The conclusions

Within a couple of days in HYIP-industry Ad-Solid has accumulated a good amount of appreciators and other investors interested in it. The opportunities of getting additional earning and performing ad activity – offered in this project – will be more interesting for discussion in perspective, in fulfillment process. Currently, all chances and capacities for successful tendency are already there. Everything else depends partly from investors’ activity and admin’s policy. Let’s stay in trend!

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