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Any project considered within our blog promises some options for everyone who has come in the hyip industry for financial purposes. Besides monetary opportunities, Alp-Invest offers each online investor a short trip in the world of PAMM accounts. Indeed, a sufficient volume of information provided on the project website has something to do with reality, but the resource itself is nothing more than a high-quality hyip that can fulfill investors’ expectations. Let’s figure out why we should pay attention to this object…

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  • The technical part
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The project started on September 3, 2013

Alp-Invest is an investment product created in the result of complex research and creative works. Hardly compatible notions are put together – myth and reality – to provide the object with non-trivial yet recognizable features. I can find no faults in the way the resource is displayed: the coating is a direct counterpart of what is said in the legend about the team cooperation with the best Alpari traders. Trading symbols are supported with a minimum number of details at the level of separate graphical elements and color solutions.

The texts of all to one website pages in popular language versions (Ru/En) allow me coming to conclusions that the content has been written by a person who at least knows the topic of PAMM accounts quite well. And in case someone is concerned with the question of the involvement of a seemingly self-reliant hyip into the hyip market, the administrator’s answer to this matter is rather expected:

…after this invaluable experience getting, we provide service based on Alpari trading platform, which allows investor to get a stable passive income without spending a lot of time and money (as we had done) to achieve it.

As for the things that really have something to do with real life, one can single out the manner of notices delivering which have occurred on the trading platform and mentioning of people involved into the money multiplication (many users might have heard usernames of Petrov, AVP in respect of the PAMM arena). None will tell you in which way these managing traders cooperate with Alp-Invest creators… Nevertheless, topical pieces of news about trade results can be read in brief in the News section. A full version of events is posted on LiveJournal pages. You can learn more about events in the very project and chat with colleagues on outside sources (Facebook/Twitter/Vk. com).

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In a word, 5-10 minutes you have spent on viewing Alp-Invest content will be of use for everyone who only considers the PAMM sphere as a future direction within the diversification frames and knows nothing about its peculiarities (by the way, a fresh PAMM report is coming soon on GIO). More experienced investors will not be offended too – the financial part of the hyip is distinguished with an average profitability and affordability level…

Investment Plans

The project offers 4 investment plans with average profitability level. Minimum/maximum entry is $10. All plans are operated on calendar days. A deposit is returned in the end of investment circle. The compounding option is unavailable. Early deposit withdrawal is not provided. A minimum withdrawal amount must be $1.

Standart. Minimum investment starts from $10, daily interest is 1% during 15 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 115%.

Advanced. A minimum deposit limit is $200, an amount of daily payments is 1.2% per day during 30 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 136%.

Premium. A minimum deposit limit is $400 upon which you will get 1.4% per day during 45 calendar days. ROI = 100% deposit + 63%.

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Exclusive. If you invest $600, your daily rate will be 1.6% per day within 60 calendar days. The amount of total profit in the end of the term is 96% + 100% deposit.

The technical part

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The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay Withdrawal: instant (if the amount is <$20); manual – for other cases (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: 5% from affiliate’s deposits Feedback: e-mail, skype, contact form

The conclusions

No doubt that the project has a right to be a candidate for managing deposits of investors in its category. Moreover, good chances are for it to reach the level of a self-reliant and asked-for hyip. Actually, the administrator is developing this topic now. But still I’m not going to forecast a long future for Alp-Invest (the same thing concerns similar objects). I agree that it has preconditions which can bring it success, but none knows now how long the direction is ready to maintain this level. In spite of the fact that pioneers have already managed to gain benefits from the participation in the 15-day plan, I would like to see the quality of work within a more sufficient time frame. However, it is possible that experience of a well-known administrator and an obvious popularity will help this project pass not only the second mark in its financial plan, but also coming ones…

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