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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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Today you can freely say that this fast HYIP is one of the best projects from its category in 2014. Even though investors were enthusiastically supporting other admins, who tried to push Alternative Energy down, few of them managed to withstand the competition. It means just one thing: project manager holds an iron grip on his steering wheel, escaping pits and bumps… Obviously, he wants to keep on for as long as he can. Being his companions, we can still derive some pleasant bonuses from his creation…

The project started on January 3, 2014

This project appeared to be a tough nut. Some entities would fail to pass trial of deposits with a bang (a lot of money was accumulated over this period) after 5-7 days, and here we talked about one month. Of course, this term is not record-breaking, but this important detail is to be taken into account. It’s so easy to navigate through the website. You go there and feel at home. Everything is familiar and intuitively reached, just as each investor wants it.

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It would be a mistake to start speaking about some secret of success because the hyip history witnessed other fast programs which were successfully operating for quite long, leaving 200-300 pages of sincere “thanks” on forums. After you complete a lap of honor on Alternative Energy site, you will be able to decide on a number of factors favoring the growth of sums in project’s account balances and its popularity in narrow circles:

1. a harmonious visual part (“fresh” colors in design go well with what is said in the legend)


2. moderately profitable investment plans (the minimum net return of 3%)


3. a smoothly running mechanism for clients’ awareness (the News section + FB page + updated expanded stats)


4. an adequate performance on the admin’s side (regular payouts, the integration of useful features)


Alternative Energy

Investment Plans

The project offers a standard set of investment plans with varying profits. Minimum/maximum entries are $10-$100,000. The amount of your interest rate depends on investment terms and the invested sum. All plans are operated on calendar days. A deposit is returned in the end of the investment circle by all plans. Profit calculator will help count the volume of future income (go to your back office -> Make deposit -> Calculate your profit).

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For 1 day

    deposits in the amount of $10 to $500 are rewarded with 3%, ROI = 103% $501 – $1,000 – 4%, ROI = 104% $1,001 – $3,000 – 5%, ROI = 105% $3,001 – $5,000 – 8%, ROI = 108% $5,001 – $20,000 – 15%, ROI = 115%

For 3 days

    if you invest from $10 to $500, your ROI is 110% (10% net profits) $501 – $1,000 – 114% $1,001 – $3,000 – 117% $3,001 – $5,000 – 128% $5,001 – $20,000 – 150%

For 7 days

    deposits in the amount of $10 to $500 are rewarded with 123% ROI (23% net profits)
    $501 – $1,000 – 130% $1,001 – $3,000 – 138% $3,001 – $5,000 – 165% $5,001 – $20,000 – 230%

For 15 days:

    if you invest from $10 to $500, you’ll get 150% (50% net profits)
    $501 – $1,000 – 170% $1,001 – $3,000 – 190% $3,001 – $5,000 – 250% $5,001 – $20,000 – 400%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server (domain for 5 years) DDoS protection by Koddos SSL Encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, Payeer Withdrawal: manual (within 1-12 hours; the maximum term is 24 hours) Affiliate program: 3% from a deposit Feedback: office address, phone, live chat, contact form, e-mail
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The conclusions

This chap should be mentioned once more even if you think about it as a good beginning and a good continuation of the new year. Neither strong rivals nor a burden of duties is sufficient hardships for admin’s breakdown. At least, it’s fair for the time being. He knows why he is here and who he can ask for help if his own capacities fail to work. Here you can clearly see a competitive advantage represented by average percentage rates which are paid out without problems. Alternative Energy already has one month in its record of service (it’s praiseworthy). Will it cope with at least one more month? What do you think?

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