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It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this project belongs to the most remarkable ones in its direction. It is original, interesting, carefully crafted and at the same time self-reliant. There is probably no need to look for special words to feature it in an adequate way: just look at its age (almost 9 months online) and positive dynamics of payouts. Artbitrage Top manager is doing a great job, so why don’t we support his efforts?

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The project started on August 1, 2013

A classic is a winning style, in whatever context it is used. Here it is fulfilled to the full and in all diversity. Being a traditional representative of the up to 15% per month category, Arbitrage Top applies versatile colors – white, red, black – in design as well. The very website is built in such a way that you won’t get lost in the stream of information. However, you can refer to the site map in English/Russian in case you ever need that. It is comfy, believe me.

The project head insists that his company is a real object registered in Belize. The team makes money from betting on arbitration. This is a bold claim, but he always sticks to the legend. You can view regular reports and read occasional news stories. By the way, the program is still looking for the best partner. In case you actively attract investments in it, this title can be yours. You are not required to do anything special – just be active and never stop.

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If you see this program for the first time, don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with it via the video presentation. The direction is certainly contented with a current state of affairs:

“Confirmation of efficiency of the strategy chosen by ArbitrageTop is its leading position in the sphere of arbitration situations, financial stability, positive dynamics of business development and impeccable reputation based on strict adherence to the obligations it undertakes.”

I’ve made sure that everything is really okay. So what are cooperation terms? Let’s see…

Investment Plans

The project offers a good choice of efficient investment plans with varying profits. Minimum/maximum entries are 50 USD/1 500 RUR/35 EUR. A minimal additional contribution is $50. The amount of your interest rate depends on the invested sum. All plans are operated on business days. Accruals are provided daily. The current interest rate is displayed in a personal profile (Current deposit -> Income). No obligatory deposit periods are set. A supposed percentage rate of profit is 9%-11% per month. A shift to Gold and Platinum plans is possible when all funds* on investor’s accounts added against the dollar achieve the sum enough for switching to new plans ($1 000 and $10 000 respectively). To view all financial transactions, click on the Investments tab. If you want to activate notifications by e-mail or SMS, go to Settings -> Notification settings.

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Silver. If you invest $50 and more, you’ll get from 9% net income in a month. All income is distributed in the proportion 45%/45%/10%. 45% will be sent to your account; 45% go to broker’s account and remaining 10% are contributed to the stabilization fund.

Gold. After you deposit $1 000 and more, you’ll be given from 10% net profits per month. Profit shares of investor/broker/expenses are 50%/40%/10%.

Platinum. If you invest $10 000 or more, you’ll get from 11% net income in a month. All income is distributed among investor/broker/company in the proportion 55%/35%/10%.

* Current currency rates are available on the main page.

The technical part

    Dedicated server DDoS protection SSL encryption by Comodo Custom script Original content Unique design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, WebMoney, LigPay, Qiwi, bank wires Withdrawal: manual (you have to submit a request within 5 business days before a supposed transfer date) Affiliate program**: 5%/9%/14% from referrals’ earnings Feedback: phone (Mon-Fri from 10:00 till 18:00 by Moscow time), a call-back option, Skype, e-mail, contact form, messages (from your back office), Facebook/Twitter/Vk. com

**5% from earnings of affiliates are given if the invested sum is $10 and more; 9% from affiliates’ income – if the invested sum is $1000 and more; 14% from profits of referrals – if the deposit is $10 000 or more. The highest referral rate is associated with the calendar year. It will be 15% in 2015.

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The conclusions

Arbitrage Top has happened to live through many things, but its attitude to clients and work remains absolutely the same. The project is still glad to meet everyone, who enters the site with pragmatic aims. The admin still keeps them interested in it via simple and effective tools. Surely, he feels comfortable in a low-yield category, although no monitors are asked to help. I remember other programs pursuing a similar policy, so it makes no sense to doubt an opportunity of a long-term cooperation.

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