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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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  • The conclusions

The project started almost 3 months ago but the admin seems to move on. Just the other day undergoing the effects of powerful DDoS the administration of the project adchanged previous server for better one and prolonged the expiration date of the certificate of safe connection, having chosen Comodo. Besides that Australian-trust rejoiced with many other positive changes about which I will tell you later. Pay attention to decent medium-rate project and possible alternative of “spending” summer calm. Welcome!

The project started on April 4, 2012

The project differs a lot from other programs even by design. Design doesn’t impress much but it sends the project to the row of those projects who moderately pay back interest rate and last long to our joy. Australian-trust contains 100% unique content, legend based on employment on different high-yield markets of Australia, including huge local stock exchange – ASX. The website is made by foreign rules, it’s brand director seems to be from abroad as well. On home page besides the list of the main advantages of the program you will find links to all thematic forums and business card of all monitoring services – AHM. Here you have a chance to evaluate the status of the project timely and objectively. The project counts not that many monitors but it also points to some succession or even phlegm of project promotion. By this the program has moderately visited Facebook account and still inactive link to Twitter. Some of the latest bright events are new short-term plan and the option of currency exchange allowing to make a deposit not only from LR/PM but also from practically all other EPS. Here is a full list: Payza (Alert Pay), Solid Trust Pay, OKPAY, RoutePay, EvoWallet, StrictPay, V-Money, BankWire, WesternUnion, WebMoney, Pecunix, Globaldigitalpay, PayPal, MoneyBookers, YandexMoney, Visa/Mastercard. At the moment “Australian Trust” staff is working with Payza integration – it will be ready in few days. After a while Solid Trust Pay will be added.

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By Alexa predictions the program now just starts its “public” growth.

Investment Plans

1. Australian Pride. This is a fresh plan for relatively fast earning. It is elaborated for 20 days and provides 6-12% depending on deposit sum ($10-$200 – 6%, $201-$500 – 6.5%, $501-$1,000 – 8% and so on). Minimum investment is $10, depoait is included to final payment, compounding is not available. By minimum calculations you will have 0.7% daily and final 120%. Everything is within acceptable frames, it doesn’t look like trap for new investors. It’s just the terms which become more flexible for the depositor.

2. Training. This plan works during 30 business days or 42 calendar days. Here 1% on business days is promised with deposit return in the end of the term. Final profit – 130% within 1.5 months. This result is worth of potential project stability.

3. Master. With each new fund by gradation the terms grow as well: here you will have to forget about your investment for 60 business days but the rate growths to 1.2%. Besides 72% pf final profit you will be returned the deposit. In this case compounding is accessible as well as fund itself. Minimum investment for Master plan is still 10%.

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4. Professional. It takes 120 business days with guaranteed 1.5%. Minimum deposit here is $300, deposit is returned. You can use the option of compounding. Final income: 280%.

5. Expert. For VIP-investors with deposits from $1000. The investors will get 2% daily during 180 business days. Ginal ROI is 360% plus deposit.

Porfitability of each plan can be counted on income calculator on home page.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server by Staminus (for 2-year term) DDoS-protection by Genius Guard SSL-Encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders
    Original content

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, LiqPay, STP Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours, in some cases 48 hour delay is possible) Affiliate program: 5% (if you have up to 100 of attracted investors), 10% (101-300 referrals), 15% (more than 301 investor) Feedback: contact form, live-chat, skype

The conclusions

My first impression from what I’ve seen is positive. It’s up to you to make conclusions for and against investment. Summer is not an easy period, it is difficult to say whether this or that investment offer is profitable or not. I just hope for pedantry and responsibility of the brand director which he revealed during our formal cooperation. Read the interview with Nicolas this week. I think he will have what to share with us.

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