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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

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Today we have to take an important decision: to find out whether one more medium-term project is worth our attention and investments, accordingly. At the beginning the investors were not too enthusiastic in making deposits in it but with time everything has changed for the better. We will decide after thorough analysis how much reliable the project is…

The project started on June 1, 2012

First of all, I would like to say a couple of words about design of the website: this project works on rare, almost unique script and operates with gray and dark-blue shades which are traditional business colors. The main symbol of Australia, the kangaroo is not forgotten. Unique flash presentation immediately catches the eye. Initially the website was represented in English only but this month Russian version has become available. The administration asks to send all suggestions/remarks to their support email. The creator made a tactical step, as it should increase the flow of investors to the program. The design of the project has undergone some changes as well: now it is fresher, pleasant to eye, helping to set business relations. By the legend, the company is involved in investing in precious metals, stock and currency markets. The link to well-known Forbes is also on the website for the sake of reliability.

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Watching the job and efforts of admin it is hard to tell that the project has not been evaluated to the full at the start.

There is no much content on the resource but its preference is in 100% uniqueness. The project is watched by moderate amount of monitors which means that the admin is headed for measured promotion and traffic increase. In the end of May ABG intoduced the action for new members that still works. The essence: upon making deposit new member gets $11 bonus to their account which cannot be withdrawn but the interest from this bonus may be withdrawn daily like another deposit.

Besides that, the investor may choose inner LR-PM exchanger (in the cabinet), internal transfers among members of the program are available as well.

You can try your luck with $1. The deposits are traditionally accepted in LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Available investment plans are below.

Investment Plans

The project offers to choose 1 of 4 investment plans. The payouts are provided on business-days, the terms are given in working days. The deposit is available in the end of the term. In fact, only first two plans are for average investor.

1. Start. Lasts for 15 days (3 business weeks), min/max for deposit is $1-$300. Daily income is 1%. Final profit is 115%.

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2. Light. The distance on this offer is 30 days. Minimum for investment is $301. Daily income is 1.4%, final profit is 30% plus 100% of initial deposit.

3. Trust. For the investors who are ready to invest $2501-$4000 and wait for as long as 55 days. Daily income equivalent is 1.8%. Total 199% after 3 months. Good reward for waiting!

4. Forbes. For investors with minimum $4000 who are ready to wait 80 days, getting 2.2% per day. Final income is 276%.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server from Staminus DDoS-protection SSL-Encryption from Thawte Licensed script Original content Exclusive design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney Withdrawal: manual (within 48 hours) Affiliate program: 10% Feedback: address, contact form, phone, live-chat

The conclusions

We considered the main points, the project appeared to be worth attention and consideration. The project started over 2 months ago, or 9 weeks ago, to be precise and the investors of ABG didn’t regret. For some reason from the start the program was not much welcomed by investments but the creator has done all possible so that others change their opinion. As a result we have attractive and exclusive design, additional options (for instance, inner exchanger), great solvency and approving reaction from the investors. The project has all chances for success and it seems to take advantage of them. Good luck and profit to all of you, guys!

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