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In today’s article I’d like to outline the opportunities and outlooks of the oldest and still active pyramid on the base of BitCoin. For over two years of investors who have joined the system are unlikely to have been disappointed in its capacities. And thanks to automatic processes and transparent input/output stats the probability of project crack is minimum. As the BitcoinPyramind website says, “there is almost nothing to hack”. In that way, all our coins are completely safe here. Is it interesting for you? Then read about operation principles of this pyramid and its material background in the continuation of this post…

BitcoinPyramid (Beta-version) is an excellent alternative both for those who wish to win their first bitcoin and for investors who purposefully bring money to the system for gaining profits. So, each depositor can sign up without membership fees (you can start with 0 btc) and increase the volume of income by attracting referrals…

Registration in the system

Everyone who wants to become a member in the pyramid, should just enter the Register page, indicate your permanent address and provide captcha. After that you will receive a referral link for attracting clients and a permanent address to deposit funds. An obligatory condition is to sign up via a referral link of a current BitcoinPyramid member. If you join the system without referral links, you will become a referral of a random sponsor (upline).

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Money distribution

Each pyramid’s member receives up to 50% of his/her referral’s income (but not more than he/she deposited +0.01 btc at a time) and pays about 50% of his/her income to his/her sponsor and (possibly) random* users.

Member’s income (1) is a sum of the following components: member’s deposits + referral payments + random payments.

Member’s expenditure (2) = member’s withdrawals + withdrawal fees + sponsor payments + random payments.

In that way, member’s balance is the difference between member’s income (1) and member’s expenditure (2).

* In this case, random is used in a relative meaning because the person who has invested nothing to a common pool, has scanty chances to become a lucky one who gets income without any efforts. In a word, the more active you are when making deposits (and the bigger the sum is, the larger your gains are), the more chances you have to be that random receiver.

The ways to increase your earnings in BitcoinPyramid

Just like in any project of a similar category, the amount of your earnings depends merely on you: a) if you distribute actively your referral link, be sure to get 50% revenues from income of people you’ve referred; b) the more money you send to your deposit address, the more you’ll get in return.

Also, you can pay any amount to place your ad on the program website and by doing this, you will increase a common system balance. The amount you pay for ad is sent to random members. Every time you enter any BitcoinPyramid page you will see some text in the ad block. You can either Support or Oppose it by clicking on this or that button. In both cases you will send some money to someone’s address in the system. The ad score defines the frequency with which it will be displayed.

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In order to get accumulated funds from your balance, you do not need to send any requests (as we usually do in HYIPs): payments are done automatically to your BTC wallet when member’s balance hits the threshold of 0.021 btc.

BitcoinPyramid total stats

As I’ve said, project website displays (the Stats section) real digits on the amount of participants (9193 users), numbers of the most active investors, overall pyramid balance and so on. You can also choose any link in the right upper corner of the page in order to get details about payments (All Payments) and withdrawals (Withdrawals).

BitcoinPyramid popularity and its outlooks

Although members are completely anonymous in the system, investors have a separate English-speaking platform for discussions (the Discuss section). Besides that, everyone who would like to see detailed data on any address in the base, can enter the Search page or press the Browse From Top tab and learn personal investment history of the TOP participant.

As for current demand for the pyramid and its future outlooks, investors who are interested in BitcoinPyramid do not see any unambiguous default. According to dig. do website, the peak of BitcoinPyramid popularity was in April 2013 (view here). After that the popularity rate started to fall down. At the moment, website traffic ranks are equal to the ones in January of this year.

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The same situation has been observed with BitCoin rates in respect to dollar: compared with February 2013, its rate has increased by more than 3 times (from $30 to $105-$107). The first essential $100 leap happened in April together with the bank system collapse in Greece. The rate changes every minute and these changes can be traced by this link. Thus, we can suppose that some decrease in investors’ activity is temporal and the seize of new investments depends directly on deposits of participants.

Surely, this article has been written only for informative purposes, but if you decide to give a crack in the system or if you have already worked with it, post your comments in the corresponding field below this material.

Good luck!

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