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As assumed, projects of a higher level started to visit the HYIP industry when autumn approached. One of them was the reviewed BritishenGroup program. Within reason, it can be viewed as a promising representative of its direction and a convenient platform for investments. It makes no sense to seek the truth in the content of the legend (as we know, this is a mere formality), but you should give credit to the inventiveness of the administrator. Nonetheless, it’s not one more HYIP of Forex traders and financial analysts. Financial opportunities of the resource have been considered below.

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project started on September 3, 2013

As a sophisticated investor gains experience in the field of high-yield investments, it is getting harder to surprise him/her: at least, one more legend about involvement into the Forex market can hardly catch his/her attention in a competitive environment. BritishenGroup developers have chosen a different strategy, a fairly simple and effective one, having focused on preferences of most users who are aware of the popularity of mobile applications based on Android and iOS (the “About Us” page says that project team is working on applications development for these platforms).

It should be noted that the administration has followed the chosen strategy during preparatory and assembly periods: the visual part of the BritishenGroup site wears a color solution of Android-based devices. The back office interface resembles the iPad shape. Moreover, all site sections carefully drive a visitor at getting registered in the project.

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The first thing an investor can view without navigating to other site pages is a video presentation of the resource. Within some 1.25 minutes everyone can decide for oneself whether it is worth going further or not. Why is it possible to join the program? Here are few arguments:

    The administrator positions the project as a functioning company with 10 years of experience in the IT field (its physical “presence” is proved with the help of registration documents) and a wide range of contacts in the information market; Guarantees of the project profitability are outlined in the corresponding section (including versatility, protection from the crisis, focus on a customer, etc.). Indeed, IT specialists who are really involved into this sphere can’t complain about lack of clients (hence growth potential), but in this case the direction fully relies on financial interest and support of the very HYIP investors; To make the project more reputable, the administrator has also hooked offers for creative people (to build start-ups) and everyone who is ready to actively promote BritishenGroup online (Affiliate Program); The last thing I would like accent once again is the site adjustment to the international HYIP market (Ru/En language versions ) + focus on clients’ needs ( a concise and clear functional board is complemented by the share panel that allows promoting the program in social networks. All this stuff is accompanied by the widest list of accepted currencies). The survey of financial opportunities is ahead…
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Investment Plans

The project offers 4 options out of which the first two are the most affordable. Daily interest rate is charged on calendar days. Maximum deposit limits are $100 000 by all plans. Principal is returned in the end of the investment period. No compounding option is available. Minimum amount to be withdrawn to Visa/MasterCard and LiqPay systems is $10.

1. Conservative. Minimum investment starts with $10, a promised daily rate 1%. Duration of the investment period is 30 calendar days. The amount of total net profit is 30% + 100% of an initial deposit.

2. Balansed. Upon investing $50, the amount of daily rate is 1.33%. Investment term takes 60 calendar days. Total amount of net profits in the end of the investment period is 79.8% + 100% of principal.

3. Aggressive. Minimum investment is $500, an offered daily rate is 1.66% during 180 calendar days. In total: 298.8% of net income + a full-seize deposit. The break-even point is reached on day 61 of the investment circle.

4. Special (for getting acquainted). In case you invest $1 000, the amount of daily profit takes 2% per day. Duration of investment period is 360 calendar days. Minimal amount of net return is 720% + initial deposit back. The break-even point is reached on day 50 of the investment circle.

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The technical part

    Dedicated Server (+ about 60 alternative website addresses) DDoS-protection from Koddos SSL-Encryption from Thawte Modified script from GoldCoders Original content Exclusive design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, YandexMoney, cash via terminals, LiqPay, Visa, MasterCard and others Withdrawal: manual (within 48 hours) Affiliate program: 7% from a deposit Feedback: e-mail, online chat

The conclusions

BritishenGroup is a project for a down-to-earth investor who is willing to filter the flow of input information sensibly and extract the best features from the proposed ones on the site. One can see with the naked eye that the program has been prepared for many days before the launch and the management board has applied a lot of efforts to create textual and visual parts of the resource. Most likely, the main objective of the administrator was to conquer a depositor with certain plausibility and an adequate approach to work (currently about 25 monitors are listed in the base). But still one question remains in the order of the day, i. e. how long the project will last. You can check it on my monitor.

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