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BTC Legacy is the project for those of you who like to act rather than watch. I think many users understand why it’s so; even if they don’t see, I’ll explain it a little bit later anyway. None knows what this high-yield moneybox project will grow into, but there are reasons to hope the “summertime” approach to management of hyip admins is in the past. We’d like to return the time when even super profitable programs smelled with a kind of stability. Maybe it’ll happen pretty soon…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project was launched on August 7, 2014

BTC Legacy has a fine site, that’s true. Its public area is a sort of preparation to things we’ll meet when we get secluded in our cabinet. A still topical theme of bitcoin trading, “catchy” digits on potential earnings, easy access to all most wanted sections (Plans, FAQ, News) – once you are done with viewing that stuff, it’s time to learn more.

We can’t move any further unless we create an account. The procedure is standard, except for two details: while filling the fields we are asked to enter a secondary password and later on we are allowed to view our PA only after we agree with terms. The website part others can’t see is certainly richer in content and options. A user is even spared of a need to visit the main page as questions/answers, support and news are right there, in the cabinet. I believe investors who haven’t dealt with ShadowScripts products (seeing scripts of this company are a rare event for hyip frequenters as well as it takes much money for admins to buy them) may be taken aback. It won’t last long though.

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Later on you’ll find out half of buttons are not must-have while investing; you can hide dashboard icons; you can refuse from receiving news and updates and leave tabs (via Preferences) you’ll use for sure. By and large, BTC Legacy is a great solution for gaining passive income.

I also invite you to watch a custom video review (the reviewer speaks Russian):

Investment Plans

The project offers 3 profitable plans. Minimum/maximum entries are $25/no upper limit. All plans are available 24/7. No compounding option is available. All plans are life-long: the first withdrawal of a deposit is allowed in 24 hours since its appearance in the system. A minimum investment of $25-$1 000 will produce a 35% net return in a week.

A personal area is a separate topic. To activate a plan, click on Plan in the “Add to Account” tab. If you want to top up your balance, choose the “Fund E-Wallet” button; history of transactions, active plans and other features are stored in My Account. Two security options are also at hand: Security Log allows to check IP, from which operations have been made, while Google Authenticator (2-factor authorization) provides an extra layer of protection for your account. If you think this bunch of options is too much, focus on the dashboard you can see in the middle of the office.

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The technical part

    Dedicated server DDoS protection by BlockDos SSL encryption by Comodo + a green address bar Licensed script by ShadowScripts Unique content Custom-made design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin
    Withdrawal: manual (within 48 hours), in effect – much faster Affiliate program*: 5%-2%-1% (3 levels) Feedback: contact form, internal messages, support tickets in PA, Facebook, Twitter

*One may attract investors and earn referral rewards even having no active deposits.

The conclusions

Sometimes it seems to me the team at ShadowScripts can turn even the most unpretentious project into an eye-catcher, but still it only seems. Conveniences and a good protection system are fine, but any positive sides lose importance if there are no working plans at our disposal. BTC Legacy makes a sophisticated use of script provider’s reputation, picks a successful combination of 2-in-1 plans (a fast hyip partners with a piggy bank) and virtually disarms everyone who shows hesitation with assembly quality, readiness to get improved from the first days online. It’s a sin to bury such a good thing. Hope the founder realizes that. Click here to sign up!

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