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The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.

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Frank Hubbard

The project was launched on October 28, 2014

There is also one more way to achieve the goal, meaning we choose a more or less reliable fund, invest money and gain profits over a stated period. That’s actually what we normally do. At this moment, the key word for us is “reliable” or at least “more or less” reliable. We don’t talk about an absolute trust as revenues and risks are continual companions of each other. Our task is to find credible talking-points why reviewed Club Forex Ltd is to be in our portfolios and decide on the invested amount of money to let us earn as much as we want (let it be a one-week distance).

Curious people can instantly learn where the company comes from, what its team’s specialty is and what the source of accruals is. In other words, the creator sets forth a trending albeit Forex-related legend:

Our main task is to provide high income for all who are interested in earning on Forex or investing in general. We strive to make this kind of income available to all, so that anyone, regardless of location and amount of initial capital, could really make good money. This is why we use risk-reduction strategies and profit maximization behaviour in all transactions. Each investor is interested in stable and large income. Ensuring such a result for all of our clients is precisely the main strategic direction of the Club Forex LTD.

It sounds pretty good, but there exist other tools besides verbal means here. If you have a spare minute, visit your cabinet (or create an account and log in) and open the “Legal” section. Alongside with other documents, you’ll face the certificate of incorporation in Great Britain like this one.

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What rookies (among others) have at their disposal as well is a bunch of short and informative articles on how the Forex trade is conducted. Follow this link to take a look at them and go to the front page to top up your knowledge base with financial news hot off the press (Latest News) and quotes of popular currency pairs (in the creeping line).

What are my impressions relating to website usability?

1. Its design is not annoying or – when checked closer – even engaging.

2. The minimum of sections (see Investment Plan, FAQ) contribute to the maximum of informative values and benefits.

3. The back office is in line with the public site, having only basic pages with tips given while clicking on each of them.

As for profits, the average daily return of 8 first days online is 1.52%. It’s a good result of a medium-term representative and one more hint for us to keep considering Club Forex Ltd a money-making program.

Investment Plans

There is only 1 versatile plan up for grabs in the project. A minimum deposit is 30 USD/EUR, no maximum limit is indicated. All plans work 24/5. The interest rate is floating – up to 2.5% daily (depending on how the admin decides) and is accrued at 23:59 (UTC). So if you open a deposit on weekends, the first charge arrives on Monday. The biggest amount you can earn per week is 12.5%. During the whole time online, a maximum daily accrual was 2.14% (on November 3). If you need to learn a daily charge on a certain day, go to the investment plan page, enter your cabinet (Invest Funds) or on the main page (in Tweet Feed). It’s possible to withdraw your principal any time you want but only to the account in the EPS you used while investing money. You are also free to use the internal exchange service in your office (Currency Exchange) to convert dollars to euros (1 USD = 0.79956000 EUR, 1 EUR = 1.25069000 USD, 5% transaction fee) or exchange funds between different payment systems. Forex trading statements can be checked up in Other Services -> Statements (PA). Also if you need to edit your personal data in Settings, log in to your registration mailbox in advance. You’ll receive the confirmation code there. “Funds History” stores all kinds of transactions history.

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Here is the accruals graph for the period of October 28-November 4:

The technical part

    Dedicated server (a 10-year domain) DDoS protection by CloudFare SSL encryption by Comodo + a green address bar Custom-made script Unique content Original design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney (USD, EUR), EgoPay (USD, EUR), Payeer (USD, EUR), Bitcoin (if necessary, this list can be expanded)
    Withdrawal: instant (if there is only 1 request per day), manual (within 24 hours if the withdrawal amount is over $30 or it’s not the first request per day) Affiliate program: 10% from referrals’ earnings (on business days only) Feedback: office address, e-mail, phone, contact form, Facebook, Twitter

The conclusions

What do 8 days of functioning mean to a painstaking medium-term project? This period of time is barely enough to get used to investors, estimate how strong competitors are and understand whether or not the headed development course is correct. For hyip users, over one week is enough to eyeball fund’s payment abilities, a swift response of support operators and prospects of signing up. In this regard, Club Forex Ltd has been diligent, keeping both its clients and itself off shame and regret. It still can work to improve itself, follow the path that rolls out before it and be sure-fire with its steady technical base. I’d really love to see hyip users discovering its mighty points. You know it is to happen if the things continue going smoothly as it’s been before.

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