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Benjamin Disraeli

The project started on January 13, 2014

I believe you’ll agree with me that all HYIPs are quite predictable by their essence. Everyone knows how their structure of plans, texts, and website design quality can be just based on the category to which a newly arrived project belongs. Como Credit’s admin decided to drag out an intrigue and allowed only authorized users (you can sign up using your e-mail or FB, Linkedin, and Google accounts) to view website* content.

Let’s leave guesses aside, log in now using our credentials and look around. On first acquaintance, it’s enough to view the homepage (check its promo video in the left side and try its full-size section, which helps to count potential income and gives extra investment conditions, in the right side) and click on About Us to learn more about the project. At this stage, I’d like you to know what admin’s vision of the main business process is:

Everyone can invest and earn money without required profound skills. Everyone should borrow money without major obstacles.

If you feel that you’ve got not enough food for thought, search for the lower website panel and pick the section you are interested in (for instance, How it works? or Answers & Questions) on Site map. Otherwise focus on Account site map and finally reach investment plans. Also, make sure you’ll always get fresh news initiated by project admin by following Como Credit in such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+.

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Now let’s move on to the most crucial question dealing with finances. You’ll have some things to be considered here, too. Why don’t we start?

*You can get an example of how the investment platform looks by clicking on Enter Here under Loan Platform. Here you can ask for loan (only micro crediting sites can be given credits).

Investment Plans

The project offers 5 classical investment plans. Minimum/maximum entry varies from $10 to $50,000. All plans are operated on calendar days. A deposit is returned once an investment period is over, but you can withdraw it prematurely (10%-30% fees). You can choose compounding tariffs (0%-100%). To make the process of calculations easier, Como Credit offers an extended income calculator (refer to the homepage and the Invest page in your back office).

Plan #1. Minimum investment starts with $10 and ends with $50,000, daily interest is 1.4% during 30 calendar days. The amount of total profits in the end of the term is 142%. A premature withdrawal of your deposit will be followed with 10% fee.

Plan #2. Investment limits are $10 – $50,000, with 1.5% per day during 45 calendar days. Total income in the end of the term is 167.5%. A premature withdrawal of your deposit will be followed with 12.5% fee.

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Plan #3. Minimum/maximum entry limits are $10 – $50,000, with 1.6% per day during 60 calendar days. ROI = 196%. A premature withdrawal of your deposit will be followed with 15% fee.

Plan #4. Depositing limits are $10 – $50,000, with 1.7% per day during 90 calendar days. Total income in the end of the term is 253%. The break-even point is achievable on the 59th day of the period. A premature withdrawal of your deposit will be followed with 20% fee.

Plan #5. Minimum/maximum entry limits are $10 – $50,000, with 2% per day during 180 calendar days. ROI = 460%. The break-even point is achievable on the 50th day of the period. A premature withdrawal of your deposit will be followed with 30% fee.

The technical part

    Dedicated Server (domain for 3 years) DDoS protection by CloudFare
    SSL Encryption by GlobalSign (for 4+ years) Custom script Original content Exclusive design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay (bank wire and direct credit card payments may be added later) Withdrawal: manual (within 5-480 minutes during business hours; within 12 hours at night time on calendar days); now it’s paying instantly Affiliate program: 5%-8% from referrals’ deposits ($10-$100 – 5%; $101-$1,000 – 6%; $1,001-$10,000 – 7%; $10,001-$50,000 – 8%) Feedback: contact form
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The conclusions

One would think, what can be surprising about a traditional HYIP? As turns out, there are a lot of efficient tools used both to encourage the main team of investors and win allies. I must admin that Como Credit’s admin was armed with a good strategy: at first, he drew investors’ attention to his creation. Then he opened a rather affordable minimum entry of $10 for investors. And now it’s fair to keep following the beaten track. In fact, the project has been moving in hyip circles for a little while (for less than 10 days), but it already has a reputable status both on monitors (including mine) and in thoughts of investors. If you think that participating in this program is your opportunity, press here.

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