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Hello dear GIO readers! You must be already aware of Compass-Business, but today I want us to turn it inside out and catch on little things one doesn’t see right away. The program makes a good use of stable payments and a smart approach to work. Here each fan of medium-term solutions will find at least a couple of ways to earn a fair amount with no sweat on his/her face. Let’s get started…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project was launched on November 12, 2013 (revamped on September 8, 2014)

To begin with, let’s touch a traditional point at first and think of the presentation (the legend). Compass-Business is one of two projects run by one company Seamarketing Trading Corp. It’s chaired by two managers, with Nikolay Gorskiy being the representative of the Russian branch (warrants along with the apostille are available, see a sample scan below) and the president living in the Republic of Panama. The Russian admin admits they are currently considering the opportunity of restructuring their corporation into a hedge fund by Panamanian jurisdiction in a 1-year prospect (not earlier than that).

So, we can come to conclusions that it’s an officially incorporated offshore fund (see the documents on this page). The company’s another offspring is so-called investment and trading holding Compass-Seamarketing, fully involved into manufacturing motor boats, boats and yachts under its own brand. The clients are provided with two alternative ways of earning interest – to Visa/MasterCard bank cards issued by the company or using regular PM accounts. Once we have some spare time, we’ll certainly observe it (it’s worth a look) because our main focus today is Compass-Business.

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As appreciators of hyip products and their benefits, we find a presently reviewed program closer to our hearts. We are neither asked to purchase anything nor necessarily have $2000 for a start to at best learn how it feels to be engaged in the system. As people say, to each according to his abilities.

Visual values and ergonomics

I’d like to highlight the following core values:

    it’s easy on the eye it supports two important languages (Ru, En) it has a user-friendly interface.

The completed makeover was a good idea. Existing members note it’s become much easier to do the routine:

“This design is much better. The cabinet is also better now. Now you don’t have to scroll down several times every time you make a withdrawal to your e-wallet. It’s comfy especially if you need to do it a few times a day. Thanks”, Dimofey Mmgp wrote.

The website enables trouble-free, time-saving and not nervous investment transactions we normally perform.

What’s useful

As for working moments, there are some nuances:

    It’s possible to register a new account using the referral link only. Inactive accounts will be deleted within 10 days. If you believe you can aim high in management, try yourself as a regional representative. This page will tell you what you are supposed to do. The most active promoters of the referral system will receive valuable prizes according to monthly results:

TURNOVER IN THE STRUCTURE OF $10,000 PER MONTH: Apple iPod nano 16Gb 7
TURNOVER IN THE STRUCTURE OF $500,000 FOR THE MONTH: Apple MacBook Air 13 + $ 6000

    If you wonder what already enrolled participants think about Compass-Business, follow this link.
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The documents and general information are aimed to give you a deeper understanding of how the project works. Please keep in mind that a feasible, considered in detail legend is just one of components in marketing which determines how successful this hyip will be. Great, I rub my hands to see its investment opportunities…

Investment Plans

The project offers 5 investment plans. Minimum/maximum entries are $10/$100 000. It’s okay to make multiple deposits but all transactions are handled separately. All plans work on business days. Depending on the chosen plan, you deposit will be either returned daily together with accruals or sent back in the end of the period. Use the calculator to simplify your future income calculations (see the page with plans or enter your cabinet). If you can’t wait for 30-90 business days, you can order a premature withdrawal. It takes a 25% fee to have your capital back ahead of the schedule, but if you need that, deliver an email marked as “Early Withdrawal” to compasbusiness@gmail. com. It’s impossible to edit your email and wallet number details after filling in these fields. Contact a support assistant to have them modified.

So what do we have in terms of plans?

Plan #1. It’s affordable with deposits of $10-$1 000 and brings 0.8% daily during 30 business days. Your principal will be returned upon expiry of the round. Your net return is 24%.

Plan #2. It opens up for investors having $1 000-$100 000 for a start and gives 3.9% daily for 30 business days. Your principal is included in payments. ROI=117%. The break-even point is achievable on the 26th day.

Plan #3. It charges 0.9% per day for deposits of $1 000-$5 000. One circle will finish after 50 business days. Your principal is sent back upon expiry of the circle. Your net income reaches 45%.

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Plan #4. It acts during 70 business days and offers 1% daily for investments of $5 000-$50 000. Your principal will be given back once the round is over. Your net return should be 70%.

Plan #5. It accepts deposits of $50 000-$100 000 and brings 1.1% per day during 90 business days. Your principal will be returned upon expiry of the round. Your net profit is 99%.

The technical part

    Dedicated server (the domain expires in the year 2019) A reliable DDoS protection by Koddos, one of the most well-established providers of this service for investment funds SSL encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders Modified content Original design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney (a verified account), EgoPay + the exchange service
    Withdrawal: instant Affiliate program: 5%-3%-1%-1%-1% (5 levels) Feedback: contact form, VKontakte, Skype chat

The conclusions

The project you see is certainly not as easy as it may seem. However, I must admit that one has to be skillful to introduce serious things in a simple way. You won’t find any promise to has a risk-free adventure here, but probable risks are reduced not to let an investor feel uncomfortable. If assessed by the proportion time online-interest rates-quality, it’s one of the steadiest medium-term programs among currently existing ones. The managers make very careful (or even point) updates in their promotion strategy to sidestep leaps and abrupt bends. After the recent makeover, Compass-Business seems to have got the second wind and God help it to cover this hyip marathon worthy and with no stops.

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