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Attention! Program has some problems with payouts. We don’t recommend you to invest in this fund till the situation willn’t become clear.

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Dollarinside left the shadow to appear in our investment world one day ago and the investors didn’t frigthen it with cold reception. I agree that this object is not 100% unique on all criteria but it doesn’t look like a failure unlike many others we’ve seen before. Soon we will find out whether project features correspond our expectations…

The project started on October 9, 2012

After quick viewing DollarInside I was puzzled. Even the one who joined HYIP industry a while ago would think the following when looking at website design: “Such template must be very popular now. It’s time to change something in it”. On the other hand, what is the most important for us: interesting design or stable income? I am sure there are some people appreciating arts among us but material side (due to our human nature) also matters.

Well, if we take financial side, we can dare predict positive results in terms of project existence and solvency of the object. At this stage it is early to judge reliability of the admin in providing payouts…though some depositors might get their first profit here.

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Those who still stand on crossroads are advised to consider such points.

1. What is DollarInside?

Answer: According to the admin, this is an officially registered company located in London (certificate of incorporation is available). We all know how to treat this point but still the admin cared to stress on this information.

2. What is this project involved into?

Answer: According to the info given on Home page, it does many things such as trade on stock market, foreign exchange, gold and so on… It’s not the concept but the uniqueness of material makes sense.

3. Where can you get more or less objective info on project status and regularity of payouts?

Answer: visit Rate Us, AHM and Paid Out. Pay attention to general statistics on the program on home page.

Further information needed for analysis is given in the second part of this post.

Investment Plans

Considering the variety of investemnt offers in DollarInside I present the most optimal ones. You may participate in the project with deposit from $10 to $100 000. Payments are provided 7 days a week. The main deposit is included to final profit. Profit on all plans is credited in the end of the term.

1 day:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $ 4 999 – 105% (5% is net profit, 100% is principal) $5 000 – $9 999 – 107%
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4 days:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $ 4 999 – 122% $5 000 – $9 999 – 130%

8 days:

    min/max deposit from $10 to $ 4 999 – 148% $5 000 – $9 999 – 164%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server DDoS-protection from AntiDdos SSL-Encryption from Comodo Licensed script from GoldCoders Original content

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: 3% Feedback: legal address, phone, contact form

The conclusions

To some extend standard looks of the project – the main and, probably, the only one disadvantage of DollarInside on the background of benefits – cannot cardinally shake our faith in program solvency. In final account, design is not the principal thing. Inner “filling” matters here (i. e. moderate rates and referral commission, confident technical provision, consistency and competence of admin in promotion). Let’s hope our wishes will meet the plans of admin…

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