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Attention! The program has stopped paying! Don’t invest your money in it!

  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

Here the admin follows his strategy as well. Everything is quite public, qualitative, natural and filled with sincere hopes for more or less long existence. Everyone remembers bad joke (it’s hard to forget) of this admin – Geniusroi. At that time many investors didn’t believe that it was a creation of Chokopower admin. Perhaps, this distrust saved them. The admin felt sorry and promised to be back with something worthy. Well, Dollarplaza (I dare to suppose) is that same alternative, capable of healing our financial wounds and give the admin some hope for cordial welcome. Let’s come to the core!

The project started on July 25, 2012

I can’t leave unnoticed the fact that Dollarplaza is made on a higher level than its predecessor. Geniusroi was attractive because of his authorship but hinted with all his looks that he would not last long. Dollarplaza looks much better: recognizable design (finally) in the style of choko baron and “money palace”, content, technical part, referral program and investment plans are permanent. You will find live statistics, news feed, the range of accepted currencies and other data for evaluating project level. We can control the actions of the admin and follow the dynamics of payments in Paid out section. Soon live-support is likely to be added. Yet all we have is standard contact form.

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That’s probably all about website. We got used to high-quality websites. We turn to investment plans.

Investment Plans

The admin does not betray his plans and trend of the industry. In the whole, payments are provided on calendar days, deposit is included to final profit. The deposit can be withdrawn in the end of the term.

1 day

    Minimum deposit $10 to $4999 – 105% $5000 – $200,000 – 130%

3 days

    Minimum deposit $10 to $4999 – 116% $5000 – $200,000 – 200%

5 days

    Minimum deposit $10 to $4999 – 127% $5000 – $200,000 – 275%

7 days

    Minimum deposit $10 to $4999 – 139% $5000 – $200,000 – 370%

15 days

    Minimum deposit $10 to $4999 – 185% $5000 – $200,000 – 700%

The technical part

    Dedicated Server by FOP Litvinenko Sergey Nikolaevich DDoS-protection by Antiddos SSL-Encryption by Comodo Licensed script by GoldCoders Exclusive design

The details

    Accept: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney Withdrawal: manual (within 24 hours) Affiliate program: 5% Feedback: contact form, live-support

The conclusions

Everyone is concerned with one question: what is the destiny of the project? I will not hurry to give you any pieces of advice but I partly expressed my opinion on the progress of events. If Geniusroi was conscious counterfeit, Dollarplaza has to show more faithful service. The investors do not hurry to make deposits either of solidarity or of caution. All that and new profound approach of the admin have to serve us well. Still, these are only assumptions. The time shows how everything will be (whatever banal it sounds). Today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday and then the most favorable for our deposits time segment. If the admin plans to stay here for a month or so, we surely have enough of time. Let’s stake on, guys!

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