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Today I’d like us to take a closer view of one more oil topic. One more hyip manager does his best to show it’s a mere pleasure to deal with him. One click on the link referring you to the main page of Eastoil LTD takes you into the place, where everything serves you and for your sake…

  • Investment Plans
  • The technical part
  • The details
  • The conclusions

The project was launched on September 18, 2014

People who don’t think it makes sense to hide something are told to wear their hearts upon their sleeves. Aspiring to be closer to clients, Eastoil LTD tries to give publicity to as many facts and pieces of information as possible. Having investigated the site all over once, you’ll feel your day is not empty and you know some useful thing for yourself:

    if you are new to hyips, you’ll realize how the investment process runs thanks to this page (Guide); in case you collect data about online exchange services, consider this section; or maybe you prefer to set others on the path of truth rather than invest your own money… So why don’t you get involved in the representatives program? do you believe everything has to be under control in business? Then start with viewing plans and making certain calculations here; finally, visit the page holding answers to all frequently asked questions. It enables you to memorize the background information concerning this project and general guidelines followed by any hyip administrator.
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Watch how it works:

In my opinion, the program is worth being taken into account, and the admin is actually working actively on that. Isolated statistical figures (from the front page) seem to prove things are going well. Let’s see if existing investment positions help to improve the rating of Eastoil LTD.

Investment Plans

The project offers 2 blocks of investment plans to choose from. Minimum/maximum entries are $25/$50 000. All plans are available 24/7. The account dashboard opens access to all main subsections (for investing money/withdrawing funds/viewing personal statistics) of the back office while all additional buttons are shown in the right column. A minimum amount to be taken out is $0.01. Depending on the picked plan, payments are either made on a daily basis (Brent Oil Plan) or accrued once in the end of the period (WTI Oil Plan). Using tabs from the right part of the control panel, you can also get into pages of the public site (exchange services, the program for representatives, etc.). All active investments are listed in the “Deposits List” section. The history of deposits/withdrawals is stored in sections with the same name. If such happens that you need to have your personal data (payment details, e-mail and so on) edited, contact a support specialist, remembering to type your secret question and answer.

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As for the plans, here they are.

The first block runs like this:

The Brent Oil package (principal returned) accepts deposits of $25 or more:

    investments of $25-$2 000 bring 3.2% daily, net income of 224% during 70 calendar days (the break-even point is reachable on the 32nd day); $2 001-$5 000 – 3.4% per day, net income of 238% during 70 calendar days (the break-even point is in sight on the 30th day); $5 001-$50 000 – 3.6% daily, 252% net profits during 70 calendar days (the break-even point is achievable on the 28th day).

And the second block is as follows:

The WTI Oil Plan (principal included) also asks to invest at least $25:

    investments of $25-$2 000 bring a total return of 550% after 55 calendar days; $1 001-$2 000 – 650% in total after 55 calendar days; $2 001-$50 000 – 800% in total after 55 calendar days.

The technical part

    Dedicated server (a 5-year domain) DDoS protection by Ddos-Guard SSL encryption by Comodo + a green address bar Licensed script by GoldCoders Unique content Original design

The details

    Accept: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin
    Withdrawal: manual (within 12 hours, normally – within 1-2 hours) Affiliate program*: 7%-2%-1% from referrals’ deposits (3 levels) for basic investors; 12%-2%-1% from deposits (3 levels) for representatives** Feedback: office address, e-mail, phone, contact form, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube (coming soon)
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*One shouldn’t necessarily have one’s own investments in order to attract referrals and earn %.

**The list of requirements for people willing to join the program of representatives is simple. See more (including names and contacts of current representatives) here.

The conclusions

HYIP investors still crave for making good money. Just look how artfully the project leader makes use of this wish! To be honest, I’m not completely convinced in his creation (that’s because of too long plans) so far, but my hope in its ability to stand its ground under the load of deposits wins. Eventually, now Eastoil LTD has to do a truly feasible task: be in the game until the first round is over. The question to be answered is whether or not to venture. Nothing venture, nothing have, people say. So it’s better to venture and have something!

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